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Letter to the editor: Anti-vaxxers have ruined the recovery 

letter to the editor

To the editor,

No indoor dining, masks everywhere, remote learning for school kids, ICUs overflowing, deaths due to COVID complications rising, small businesses will be going out of business.

It’s all because the anti-vaxxers have ruined the recovery. We were so close.

Almost 99% of all recent COVID-19 cases are from the unvaccinated, which means most all of the new deaths will come from unvaccinated people.

There are very, very few reasons not to get vaccinated. The excuses you read on Facebook or other social media are not valid reasons. Only the explanations you hear from medical professionals are the correct ones.

You anti-vaxxers are killing people. I know it might be difficult for you – but think of others before yourself.

And yes – I am upset and angry – this didn’t need to happen.

Lowell Zelinski Ph.D.
Paso Robles, Calif.

anti-vaxxers causing problem

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