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Letter to the editor: Germ gouging at local distillery 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

“Hand Sanitizer for Sale” boasts a large sign in North County. I’m a diabetic in a vulnerable age group. I’m also out of hand sanitizer. So, I parked on the deserted street and walked up to a local distillery service window– keeping my 6-foot distance from other customers of course. The gent at the window showed his wares including food, handmade spirits… and hand sanitizer!

But this is bogus benevolence. Ten dollars for two ounces of Ethyl Alcohol is price gouging! We are in a declared emergency. As a retired 25-year brewery owner, I am disgusted that a distillery owner is taking advantage of our community. Now, I coughed up $10 because our area is depleted of this vital good and I wanted the gent at the window to keep his job.

California’s price gouging law states that goods including antibacterial products shall not be priced over 10% normal cost during a state of emergency. Let’s do the math: 2oz of hand sanitizer before the pandemic = .50 cents. Now, 2oz of hand sanitizer at local distillery during the pandemic = $10. That’s a huge increase. Germ gouging at its finest. And a violation of California Penal Code 396.

Shame on you.

Dan Hilker
Retired owner, Santa Maria Brewing Company
Atascadero, Calif.

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