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Letter to the editor: How can the Mid-State Fair go on? 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

I had thought the Mid-State Fair was to be canceled. In keeping up with all the current guidelines it has been emphasized that precautions are going to need to be in place through the summer. There will be a plan to slowly open up businesses over the next month.

Even with that, people will need to be social distancing, wearing masks and only be in small groups. I really don’t think going ahead with the fair will have a medical clearance and stamp of approval on it. The county doesn’t even want people from outside the county traveling here or to our beaches.

All the efforts we have made as a community coupled with the fact that we haven’t even been able to see our families will all be negated by opening Paso Robles to 400,000 visitors to our area over the duration of the fair. This seems irresponsible and dangerous.

Cheri Cooper
Paso Robles
A registered nurse for 40 years

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