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Letter to the editor: Sheriff’s crime report hurts young victim 

letter to the editor

To the editor,

On July 21, your news staff posted an article entitled “Woman Arrested for Child Endangerment.” The source of this “news” (the arrest was over a month ago) was a press release from the SLO County Sheriff. They posted this arrest on Facebook the same day, violating the spirit of AB 1475, which prohibits the posting of booking photos, if not the letter of the law.

They identified a person arrested more than a month ago, showing these same pictures of their house and posting the status of their 5-year-old child. The SLO Sheriff uses Facebook as a stocks and pillory in the town square, allowing the public to throw stones in the comment section. Commenters posted more details about the person arrested, their family and their child.

People suggested that the person should have been locked up and their child should be put up for adoption.

The SLO County Sheriff ironically entitled their post “Child Endangerment.” They are endangering this child further, along with their family. As the primary and most well-funded social service and mental health facility in the county, the SLO County Sheriff needs to do better. By reposting their information without question, you are participating in endangering the child and their family. You need to do better as well.

Susan Mackey
Cambria, Calif.

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