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Letter to the editor: We must protect those who protect us 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

I just read the letter written by Cora Karamitsos. How does someone arrive at this kind of logic… we should defund the police department? These people are heroes, as are all first responders. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to maintain law and order. I understand the protest movement in the wake of the police brutality involving the death of George Floyd and my heart goes out to the families. It appears the officers involved all had an unacceptable history of violence and the department heads should be held responsible. But these officers are not representative of all on the police force.

Regarding the use of riot gear, it is necessary based on the recent history of violence, burning, and looting. We must protect those who protect us. The peaceful protestors have been hijacked by rioters, creating chaos for their own personal gain and a desire to incite and create fear. So now the peaceful demonstrators are bringing with them destruction and their message and voices are lost in the chaos. It is time to pursue other forms of legitimate change, as in legislation.

When I see the private citizen losing their livelihood and having the business they built from the ground up with their own resources and efforts, maliciously destroyed, it breaks my heart. I have personally experienced the demands of starting my own business. I don’t understand why some cities are not protecting the individuals’ property. I think the peaceful demonstrators need to change their plan so that through peaceful methods their voice will be heard. Blocking a freeway is not a legal means of demonstration. Beating up shop owners, burning and looting should not acceptable to anyone, including the demonstrators.

I pray for this country and our small town. May we be able to go back to a peaceful and civil society again, with a genuine fear of God…and not of each other.

Michael Blackburn
Paso Robles resident

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