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Letter to the editor: We must stand up for voting integrity 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

We paid tribute to veterans last week, but let’s consider what we must do to ensure that their sacrifices were not made in vain. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John F Kennedy.

Make no mistake. Civic complacency is depriving us of the representative democracy that so many have fought and died for. Our obsession with style and personality over substance has distracted us from our civic responsibilities, and most of the mainstream press has abandoned even the appearance of objectivity.

We must stand up for voting integrity. A voting system that we can trust is the foundation of our republic. A system we cannot trust, will destroy it. The currency of liberty is our vote. It is unacceptable for any percentage of our bank currency to be stolen, and similarly, we cannot accept any percentage of our vote to be stolen.

One of the nation’s two largest political parties appears to have taken advantage of a pandemic in order to “stack the deck” in key battleground states. Hundreds of notarized affidavits alleging voter fraud have been collected in these states.

It appears to many that the COVID-19 pandemic was used as an excuse to implement mail-in voting – with virtually no safeguards. Mail-in voting has been outlawed in most of Europe because of its susceptibility to mischief.

When battleground state political operatives circumvented article two, section four of the U.S. Constitution to alter voting procedures without their state legislatures’ approval, the most sacred part of our democracy – our vote – was opened up to fraud.

Only one political party supports 16-year-olds voting, felons voting, non-citizens voting, early voting, vote harvesting, and vote counting without observers. Thanks to this same party’s activism, neither postmarks nor voter ID are required in many precincts. By eliminating signature verifications in some states, it has become easier than ever for dead people to vote.

Our voting system appears to be engulfed in flames. Let’s put the fire out before our republic looks like many parts of California… burnt beyond recognition, and subject to single-party tyranny.

Ron Cuff
Paso Robles