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Letter to the editor: Every generation must fight for liberty – Now is the time to fight that fight 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

–It is a blessing that most of the men who fought on D-Day in Europe and took Japanese held islands In the Pacific are no longer with us. They would be appalled. These brave Americans stormed beaches with very low expectation of survival. Today they would be astounded to see a nation crippled by fear of an illness with a 99-percent survival rate.

To make matters worse, the Coronavirus lockdowns have contributed to the rapid ascent of an internal enemy that stokes irrational fear, promotes un-constitutional government, tears down and defaces monuments and art, and presses for a Democrat Socialist autocracy.

We are at a crossroads. The election in November will determine the survival of liberty and freedom throughout the world. If the election goes the wrong way, a world without strong American leadership could easily decline into global chaos.

If modern-day Socialist Democrats supported by insurgents and anarchists prevail, we may also witness another American civil war. The first one….fought to free slaves, cost 700,000 lives. Another American Civil War to preserve the union and defend our liberty must be fought if necessary. John Kennedy’s call to “Pay any price and bear any burden” is just as relevant today against an internal enemy, as it was during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

Individual racism may never be completely wiped out, but institutional racism in the modern United States no longer exists. Therefore, rioting and destruction of iconic monuments, buildings, and art are disgraceful, illegal, and without warrant or precedent.

Allowing unreasonable vitriol aimed against President Trump to manifest into an authoritarian Democrat Socialist government will rob us of much of our freedom.

Every generation must fight for liberty. Now is the time to fight that fight.

Ronald Cuff
Commander, USN Ret.
Paso Robles

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