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Letter: Vaccination will not stop COVID-19 

letter to the editor

In response to recent letter, 

–To the author of “Vaccination could help stop the pandemic like it did for Polio” I am sorry to burst your bubble but this is just factually incorrect. In fact I am disappointed that the paper decided to publish this piece of misinformation.

It does not take much research to debunk your statement. Since you clearly did none I will try to make it simple for you and then I will give you some advice going forward.

Polio did not have an animal reservoir to live in outside of humans. So it was only transmittable from human to human. Therefore if you can eliminate it from the human, then you can kill the virus. The Chinese COVID-19 virus can and does live in both humans and other animals like bats and has been found in many other animals to date. Therefore even if the experimental drug being sold to the public as a “vaccine” were to actually be effective in killing the virus in humans, it would still be able to move about in animals and eventually come back to infect humans. Also it is widely known at this point that the “vaccines” do not stop you from contracting the virus, or spreading the virus, at best it minimizes your symptoms. It is much more of a therapeutic than a vaccine.

As an example, the Spanish Flu from 1918 still has DNA in most flu strains today. The Spanish Flu has never gone away, it has just mutated. The Chinese COVID Virus will be with us forever, it is time to get used to it.

So, should you get the “vaccine,” sure, if that is what you choose to do. It does seem to be effective in minimizing symptoms and if you are in a high risk category than you should consider it. But that it where it ends. There should be no mandate of any sort. My body my choice right?

My advice to you is, stop writing ill-informed letters to the editor that are factually untrue and not supported by any research or data. Facts matter, Science matters, right?

Gary Brown
Paso Robles

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