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Letter: Vineyards need to find more water-efficient irrigation methods and stop guzzling 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

In response to the article entitled: Paso Robles could lose up to $458 million annually if water basin use is reduced, study says… Someone needs to go back and look at how many acres of grapes went in after we already knew we had a problem over the PR Basin (post 1999). The ag dept reports show the vineyard acreage going up rapidly post 1999.

I agree with the person who said that if we allow these ag guys to continue their insatiable appetite for pumping more and more each year then the thousands of rural residents will end up with dry wells. I think the professor’s estimates may be correct if you use the wine industry’s numbers… but I have no sympathy for them.

There will be no wine industry at all if they keep up their current practices. Every year we drive past vineyards with broken water lines gushing (many gallons a minute) and putting in ag ponds right and left, while rural residents have been conscientious letting their lawns & other landscaping die to try and save their wells. Many families will suffer if we don’t crack down on the excessive ag use. Ag needs to find more water-efficient methods for irrigation and frost protection and stop guzzling. No one is anti-ag, only anti-waste.

Billie Smith

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