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Letter: Vote for pro-parent, pro-student school board candidate 

letter to the editor

To the editor,

I know several teachers from the LA and OC area. Some are actually moderate and want to teach the basics.

I moved to Paso thinking people here were more moderate. Yet when one pro-parent, pro-student candidate runs and challenges the wokeness in a school it seems past and current teachers gang together to protect their power hold over students, not what’s best for them- something parents constantly strive for.

Both past letters to the editor were so vicious and hurtful with lies about a candidate, so I was compelled to express another point of view.

The view of knowing most public schools don’t achieve high academics as do private and charter. When challenged by parents to change and focus on the basics vs. pushing LGBTQ, drag queen reading sessions, or how racist people are at birth, instead should just teach all as equals and shed their strong bias of thinking everything and everyone is racist. God created everyone as equals, yet so many push for division.

Currently, faculty in many public schools push division, not shedding their ideology.

So to repeat, Kenny, the competition, threatens their grasp on division, power, and control of parents. This is why it seems like a pile-on of bullying by the use of letters to the editor to sway opinion.

I’m sick of good teachers teaching in fear if they don’t go along with the Teachers Union Weingarten woke ways, they will get pushed out by hanging together to belittle the challengers.

Parents need someone on their side. Students need a reading, writing, and arithmetic type leader. Not one that bows to the woke bias.

I encourage people to actually read up on Kenny, not be swayed by letters to the editor op-eds. Independent thought is what makes this country so great. Think for yourself and make an informed decision on your vote. Thank you.


David Brown
Paso Robles, Calif.

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