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Letter: Vulnerable cyclists the target of road rage 

To the editor,Ecstatic dance participant responds to criticism

–On May 26th, my husband and I set out for a Peachy Canyon bike loop as part of our first bicycle rally visit.

Rolling through the lovely countryside, a gray pick-up truck pulled alongside my husband. The male driver, maybe in his 20’s, screamed, “You better ride single-file if you don’t want to get killed. I’ll hit you!” This hostility was followed by a rant of f-bombs and gestures.

What provoked this threat? I WAS behind my husband, riding in single-file. I spent that day afraid of a calculated ambush.

I then saw the truck parked up on a hill—the driveway posted with a “not a tasting room” sign. I could have returned, confronted you, reported you to your boss. I could have called law enforcement to issue a sobriety test. Your aggressive outburst was a lethal threat. I regret now not taking action. Drivers should understand if you intentionally hit a cyclist how it would impact your own lives. Expensive trials cause strains on families and likely result in jail time. Lawyers drain your relatives and partners of their assets. Your children inherit nothing. Intentionally killing someone may seem like a good idea at the time, but it is ultimately self-corrosive to your own health and psyche.

Vulnerable cyclists are now recording road rage. Such video evidence is admissible in court. Raving tirades will do nothing to deter the oncoming rise of cycling in “your territory.” Meanwhile, the Paso Robles community sends the message “come visit, enjoy our wineries and ride our roads.” So, Paso Robles, is the welcome mat out…or not? Discuss.

Jane Somerset
San Francisco

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