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Letter: We all need access to recreation services and activities 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

–Really?! Rethink cutting services for the Library and Recreation Services. These are services for the people of the City. We can go along a bumpy road but cannot go through this isolation we are all experiencing without some connection to each other.

Speaking of a bumpy road, why was Union Street resurfaced when it did not need it. There were no chug holes, no bumps, no deterioration on that street, yet it was totally resurfaced at the cost of thousands. Why and who suggested spending money on that resurfacing and then want to cut services for the people?

Even though we are unable to be indoors together right now, soon we will be back in the library. Know that there are even some recreational classes currently held outdoors. Recreational instructors have been dedicated and until facilities can be totally open, you have the power to keep it open along with those employees. Remember that the city does receive 30-percent income from all classes registered through the Rec Department.

Children need access to those books and activities — we all do. We need to keep our city employees working for the good of Paso Strong.

Step up and do the right thing — keep Library and Recreation Services intact.

Kindest regards,

Faye Baker
Counter Changes Movement Arts
Paso Robles

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