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Letter: What is most important in a school board member? 

letter to the editor

To the editor,

– Do you, as a parent or community member, care most about students achieving educational milestones or do you care most about masking?

Do you think it’s important for students to attend school in a safe atmosphere where everyone is accepted or do you care most about continuing to target a minority of students who are different from the majority?

Do you want our board meetings to include hours of divisive heated public comment or would you like our board to focus on issues impacting local families the most and uniting the community?

This is what is on the ballot in November. Either we replace the current board members up for election with candidates who have the best interest of students and families in mind or we continue down the explosive and inflammatory path we’re on where real issues are put on the back burner so whatever the current hot political issue is can take center stage and divide the community in half.

Please carefully review the platforms of the candidates running for school board prior to voting. I urge you to keep in mind that these are supposed to be nonpartisan offices for a reason. We have an opportunity to return the focus to the students and their families. Let’s take it.

Tracy Dauterman
Paso Robles

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