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Letters in response to request for votes in school board election 

letter to the editor

Responses to: Letter: Asking for community’s votes in school board election 

To the editor, 

– While Mr. Arend’s letter seeks to claim many accomplishments, its tone, instead, reflects the divisiveness that has prevented the current board from making meaningful progress because of an unnecessary focus on partisan politics and “culture war” issues.

Perhaps he should consider that his failure to secure an endorsement from either the Republicans or Democrats is because his views are so removed from the mainstream that they can find no home on the current political spectrum. Our students and community deserve better. It’s time for a change.

Mike Miller
Paso Robles

To the editor, 

– I am writing in response to a letter to the editor by Chris Arend in which he mentioned my name and mentioned me as his opponent in the District 1 school board race for the Paso Robles Joint Union School District. And in which “I have shown a remarkable lack of ability to grasp the issues” and to my “…irrational opposition to a community school on the Georgia Brown campus.”

I have done a lot of research on community schools and they are not as you might imagine a school as most people would envision them… a school that traditionally teaches reading, writing, math, the sciences, and history and we know them.

They are best described in the California School Board Association newsletter, which is available to all school board members, with the quote “…the CDE (California Department of Education) approved a CCSPP (California Community Schools Partnership Program) framework… The CDE staff and members of the board stressed that community schools go beyond providing resources such as medical and dental care and mental and behavioral health services… We are taking many of the best elements and uniquely lifting up what is most true to California, … which is a very justice and equity-based approach.”

According to James Lindsay author of Race Marxism, “Parents should be aware equity means socialism. Equity is the rebranding of socialism.”

Not surprisingly these schools are supported by the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the CDC, and most importantly the California Teachers Association. The CTA is “all in ” for community schools according to David Goldberg, the vice president of the CTA.

The NEA (National Teachers Association) describes a community school as “… offering services for trauma, homelessness, and other problems.” She also noted that these services could be expanded to address the needs of a student’s “siblings, parents, grandparents, and neighbors,” and you are trying to tell me this is not socialism?

Maybe the current school board president should look into this information rather than dismissing it as “ridiculous.” Maybe he should read his own school board association newsletter before criticizing others for doing so. Educate, don’t indoctrinate.

Peter Byrne
Paso Robles

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