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Letters to the editor from Paso Robles High School students 

letter to the editor

Dear editor,

– I recently read your article entitled “New executive order enables capture of floodwater for groundwater recharge.” Frankly, I am stunned California hasn’t been collecting rainwater already. Having lived in Arizona for four years, I am familiar with the system of collecting rainwater from monsoons or other floods that run into underground aquifers and tanks (commonly placed underneath parks that locals call “greenbelts”), which I believe should be used nationwide. Local studies have shown that up to 95% of the water from the recent floods have gone back into the Pacific, which is unacceptable considering how little rainwater we usually get. So yes, overall, I am overjoyed that something that should’ve been done decades ago is finally getting done.

Ethan McKinley, 18, Paso Robles High School


Dear editor,

I really appreciate the information you provided on the recent special election between Kenney Enney and Angela Hollander (¨Our school board election…” April 18). As a PRHS student not old enough to vote (but whose education is greatly affected by the choices of these board members), I’m disappointed that some of our current board members do not have our teachers’ and students’ best interests in mind. I understand the idea and policy of parental rights, but unfortunately, students’ and teachers’ rights are often pushed to the side. We need to do a better job supporting our students and teachers, who work so hard each and every day to educate the youth. By electing the wrong people into our school board, people are intentionally putting their own agendas ahead of those who actually attend and work for this district. Kenney Enney will not create any positive change in our schools. Instead, he will cause more division and difficulty in our schools. I know I’m not the only student who is disappointed in the outcome. I hope Paso does a better job next time.

Maddie Van Pelt, Grade 11, Paso Robles High School


Dear editor,

I am writing to you in regard to the article about the consequences of furnishing alcohol to minors (“Three arrested in SLO for furnishing alcohol to minors,” April 20). As a minor attending PRHS, I have been exposed to the horrible and simply preventable events that occur due to alcohol abuse in minors. Using the shoulder tap operation is an extremely effective way to weed out those willing to furnish alcohol to a minor and use them as an example of what happens when you say “yes.” It may seem like a raw deal to those arrested; however, if those minors had gotten ahold of the alcohol and then decided to put themselves and others in danger by drinking and driving, the outcome would be much worse than just the arrest of three people. Keep everybody safe, don’t buy alcohol for minors.

Audrey Warren, 18, Paso Robles High School


Dear editor,

Regarding your article on the recent arrest of a local teen on assault, robbery, and weapons charges (April 18), thank you for your reporting, and thank you to the police department. It concerns me that kids are out there stealing weapons and shooting them in residential neighborhoods. These kids need to be taught a lesson by being put somewhere where they can’t do harm and are taught differently. I also appreciate the thought that the police found out that the 9mm gun was stolen but was able to be found because they registered their gun to ensure their weapons are able to be found. It also ensured that the person who stole it was able to get caught. As a person whose family has had weapons stolen from our home, I am grateful for law enforcement’s efforts to protect us. We need to keep society safe and I urge weapon owners to register their weapons for further safety.

Kaia Peterson 17, Paso Schools High School


Dear editor,

Regarding the arrest of the four unidentified individuals who were found with methamphetamine and fentanyl (¨Four arrested in … bust,” April 8th), I am concerned the drug situation in San Luis Obispo County continues to worsen. Too many drugs are getting into the hands of teens and people who shouldn’t have access to these substances. I love where I live, and I see how drugs can devastate people’s lives. We need to know we live in a safe community where our families are safe from the harmful effects of drugs.

Zane Vinnedge, 18, Paso Robles High School

Dear editor,

I am a senior at Paso Robles High School and over the past few months Angela Hollander has been helping out many of the seniors at the high school with anything and everything college related. She has been in the high school career center almost every day. She has helped me personally many times. She helped me understand how to set up my FAFSA and helped me sign up for colleges. For me, what Angela Hollander has been doing is exactly what I would want on the school board and what we all (students and parents) need. Angela Hollander cares about the students and about their education successes now and in the future. She’s not trying to take down all of the things we have built. I think that Angela Hollander would have been the best choice for the school board. The students need more people on the school board who are actually at the school helping all of us.

Hayden Stern, 17 Paso Robles High School



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