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Letters to the editor regarding school board election 

letter to the editor


– Once upon a time I was walking down the street and saw a young girl fall off her bike and scrape her arm, which started to bleed. Close by the young girl were two school board candidates. One of the candidates shook his head and said to her “you stupid girl, that’s what you get for not learning how to ride a bike” and marched off.

The other candidate ran to the young girl, pulled a napkin from her purse, and applied it to the scrape to stop the bleeding. She then asked if the young girl was ok and after hearing that she was, the schoolboard candidate said, “we had better get you to the nurse.” They picked up the bike and went to the school nurse.

Which candidate do you want on your school board?

Dr. Lowell Zelinski
Paso Robles, Calif.


– If you’re thinking about sitting out the Special Election, don’t!

After three years of chaos, we’re finally seeing productive and focused board meetings. They’re talking about academics and budgets instead of the latest hot-button topics. Continuing on this path will stabilize the leadership of the district, which is imperative in order to retain teachers and staff.

We can’t afford to go backward. Our kids, teachers, and community deserve better!

Angela Hollander’s track record is of one of competence, compassion, and hard work in local education. She is a consensus builder, who looks to solve problems by working with others, not by pointing fingers. She believes in the promise of public education and is a proud Bearcat parent. Her supporters are from every walk of life in the community: young/old, democrat/republican/independent, city/rural, English/Spanish speakers. Many are volunteers in the district, the community, and/or their churches. Check out her supporters’ page to see what they say about her!

Kenney Enney is a self-described “disrupter.” History shows us that this approach will not result in improved outcomes for our students. What it will result in is difficulty in recruiting a quality Superintendent when Dr. Dubost retires and a further exodus of teachers who feel unsupported by the administration.

He has zero experience helping in Paso schools. He has zero track record of getting along with others. He is hostile towards teachers and administrators. His closing arguments are manufactured grievances to distract from the fact that he has never done anything to help Paso schools since he moved here.

You still have time to vote! Election Day is Tuesday, April 18. And, if you are still undecided, I urge you to check out the candidates’ websites and Facebook pages. There is a clear difference in experience, vision, and tone.

Robert Skinner,
Retired Teacher Social Studies PRHS 1992-2017


– At the school board candidates forum, Ken Enney repeatedly stated that any student who “disrespects” a teacher should be “removed from the population” – hopefully he means “suspended.” Whether or not that is a doable policy, Mr. Enney is not leading by example. He’s shown little respect for the teachers himself. saying the district should recruit good teachers but not acknowledging the good teachers already here, and showing little trust in teachers to select and teach a good curriculum. He showed no respect for the school administration or even the previous board, saying that low test scores in the district were a “top-down failure.” He showed no respect for students, stating he wouldn’t respect their pronoun choices. He’s shown no respect to the request by the district to stop using their logo on his campaign materials, insisting he knows better. He showed no respect for the legal petition process that vacated his appointment by the outgoing board, calling it “unfair.” He doesn’t even respect public schools, focusing instead on promoting alternatives to them.

Angela Hollander does respect teachers, administrators, students, public schools, and the law. Vote Hollander for PRJUSD board!

Michael Seden-Hansen
Paso Robles, Calif.


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