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Lillian Larsen students prepare garden for spring 

Saturday morning, twenty students and several adults shoveled dirt, pulled weeds and improved the garden at the Lillian Larsen Elementary School in San Miguel. The work day intended to prepare the garden for spring.

Ag teacher Christina Wilkinson gave her students a “farm to table” experience. After they completed weeding and grass cutting, they harvested kale and carried it to her classroom. They washed and tore into pieces the thick green and purple leaves.

Two students sliced garlic and slid the slivers into a large pan resting on Ms. Wikinson’s hot plate. Others piled the kale onto the pan. The aroma warmed the classroom.

After weeding and working through the chilly January morning in the Salinas Valley, the students enjoyed hearty fresh kale grown in their own Lillian Larson school garden.

Teacher Christina Wilikinson

Teacher Christina Wilikinson



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