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Little Known Things To Make A Loved One’s Life With Disability Easier 

 If you are healthy and can do everything yourself, pay gratitude. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is so blessed. If you have someone at home or even the office with any disability, it doesn’t matter which type of disability – you need to be there for them. 

Sensitivity towards others makes us human. Thus given below are some ways to support your family or friend with special needs and play a small yet significant part in their journey. 

Help With Reaching Aids 

Reaching aids are daily support tools intended to help people with special needs to make them self-sufficient. If you support the person-in-need with these tools, they might be able to do things all by themselves. 

Once you feel confident, you can help build the confidence of your loved ones, and they can use things to grab those out-of-reach goods themselves. Not only will this keep them active, but it will help bring them confidence and happiness to be self-sufficient. 

Get The Right Mattress

We must take care while choosing a mattress. Even though it may seem like a minute thing, it can be an issue. Often, the foam gets too warm, and due to lack of movement, the person sleeping can develop bedsore.

Specialized mattresses like the electric ones can mechanically turn you over to prevent bedsores. Or you can add many foam layers to your mattress, which provides for less motion transmission. You can also opt for the memory foam mattress, which has high stability. 

Gift An E-Reader

Physical books can cause hassle for a person with a disability. However, if you want your loved ones to be occupied, read and learn, try gifting them an e-reader. It can be a perfect gift. You can also gift them a tablet if you want more versatility. They can read or even play games and browse the internet — a perfect combination of a library and a media center that fits between your palms. 

E-readers also are comfortable to use while sitting in a wheelchair. Moreover, if your loved one doesn’t know how to use a wheelchair, they can use an online wheelchair guide to help them get accustomed to the wheelchair. 

Hire A Caregiver

You may be busy with work, and life can get in the way. But that doesn’t mean your loved one suffers the perils of living alone. You can surely hire an in-home health care aid- a caregiver. 

This way, you can be in peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and secure within the walls of their house with someone responsible. The home care service personnel will take care of everything for your loved one with special needs. From doing basic things like laundry, driving, bathing, feeding – they will do it all. 

Make Home Modifications

When a person is disabled or in a wheelchair, reaching out to that tall shelf can be difficult. Like how homes are made baby proof when a child is born- equal efforts should be made for a person with a disability. 

Some ways you can help is by installing two-way switches – one near the entrance and one near the bed. Opting for anti-skid tiles everywhere and having a wide door so that the wheelchair can be moved freely. 

Also, ensure that the shelves are at a low height. There are height-adjustable shelves available in markets now that do the job pretty well. 

Final Say 

These few adjustments to your house can lay an enormous impact on the comfort and quality of life of your loved ones. 

But this is only the beginning! Look inside your home to see what additional adjustments you can make. 

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