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Local grad creates popular and nostalgic ‘goodbye’ video to Paso Robles 

Paso Robles High School graduate Brandt Goodman put together a nostalgic video to bid goodbye to Paso Robles as he moves away to pursue his dreams.

The video, “Paso Robles: A Goodbye Story”, was launched a week ago and quickly became popular, earning over 7,000 views.

Goodman, now 21, first came to Paso Robles when his parents moved here 15 years ago. He was class president of PRHS in 2016. Last weekend he moved to Hollywood to begin a career in writing screenplays and TV scripts.

Brandt Goodman

“I really wanted to showcase the beauty of Paso Robles and make it a love letter to my hometown before I moved away,” Goodman says. “The project includes some footage from my early short films going all the way back to middle school. I’ve always wanted to capture Paso in some way in my films, most of them up until this point have been either set in Paso or the plot has something to do with the setting. I am actually writing my first feature film and it is heavily set and inspired by Paso Robles.”

“Growing up I remember driving around listening to music with my friends and always admiring the beautiful vineyards and golden hills, it’s something I’m really going to miss and wanted to capture that feeling in the video with the music. I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker since I was 12 years old and I think everyone who’s known me since knows that as well. I’ve always wanted to share my passion with everyone and collaborate.”

“All of my short films mainly feature my close friends as actors and I owe them a lot of gratitude for helping me, especially after 12 hour shooting days going from different locations around town. If you look at some of the footage you’ll see it’s in restaurants, video store, and a movie theater, that is one thing I will really miss and appreciate, we have such a small community and every one of the business owners I’ve ever asked to film something in have always been incredibly helpful and have gone above and beyond, something I know I won’t have down here in Hollywood.”

“I moved to Hollywood to pursue my dream of becoming a writer/director and I know it will be a lot of hard work,” he says.

“It’s so nice the reception the film has gotten, it really makes me feel like I have people at home who are rooting for me, it’s really going to help. I would have loved to stay in Paso Robles but unfortunately, there are rarely any productions that come to the area.”

“I really hope that if my career in film goes anywhere that I can bring some productions to the area and inspire some kids like me who want to be filmmakers,” he says.

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