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North County local launches charcuterie business, Stellar Cellar Boards 

Local launches Stellar Cellar Boards charcuterie business

–30-year-old Paso Robles resident Betsy Plascencia has launched Stellar Cellar Boards, a business that provides charcuterie “to-go” boxes, cones, and platters to San Luis Obispo and North County, with free delivery to locations in Paso Robles.

Plascencia says she is no stranger to adapting to change or reinventing herself. Graduating from college with a communications major, entering the world of journalism, she says it didn’t take her long to realize that this career path did not fit her personality or talents.

Growing up in the restaurant business – her father currently owns Manny’s Pizza in San Miguel – Plascencia had been exposed to fresh, nutritional foods, relating to how great food made people happy, and healthy. Drawing upon this knowledge she obtained her ServSafe certification and began teaching nutrition education at low-income schools in the local area. This was reinvention number one, and then came COVID-19.

With on-site, person-to-person work grinding to a halt, Plascencia was about to reinvent herself again. Over the years, whenever her family would gather with relatives or friends, she would be the one to prepare appetizer platters of meats, cheeses, vegetables, berries, and other fresh ingredients. Not just platters-but creatively designed appetizer displays.

It was a friend who suggested she go into business making platters to sell to people for at home (or now, backyard) entertaining, picnics, or for any occasion where appropriate. And because wineries were now limited in tastings and what they could offer, Plascencia says she figured this could be a great opportunity to display her knowledge of food, her artistry, and fill a necessary niche.

Already armed with her ServSafe certification, Plascencia proceeded to get her food handler’s permit as well. These permits, in conjunction with being able to purchase fine cheeses and cured meats from her father’s restaurant purveyors, plus supplementing other local products from the Paso Farmer’s Market, put her on the path of reinvention number two. After obtaining a business license, Stellar Cellar Boards was born!

Now, six months after starting her business, Plascencia finds her charcuterie “to-go” boxes, cones, and platters in demand. Every box contains three types of cheese, cured meats, fresh fruits, local produce, crackers, or baguette slices-artistically and individually put together and designed.

Depending on the size ordered, Stellar Cellar Board’s charcuterie assortments serve from 1-15 people.

Delivery is free within the local Paso Robles community. There is a supplemental delivery charge to Atascadero and San Luis Obispo.

Find out more at, call (805) 835-1553, or follow Stellar Cellar Boards on social media @stellarcellarboards.

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