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Local Moms for Liberty Chapter urges SLO County school districts to write to the state on AB 659 

Moms for Liberty

– The San Luis Obispo County chapter of Moms for Liberty is urging all local school district boards to write to the state Health Committee and declare the board’s opposition to AB 659, euphemistically called the Cancer Prevention Act. This bill is trying to add the HPV vaccine to the list of required vaccines needed to advance a child to the 8th grade.

AB 659 would add human papillomavirus (HPV) to the list of diseases for which immunization documentation is required. The bill would specifically prohibit the governing authority from unconditionally admitting or advancing any student to the 8th grade level of any private or public elementary or secondary school if the student has not been fully immunized against HPV. By creating new duties for school districts, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

It is the position of Moms for Liberty that this bill should be rejected to preserve parents’ rights to do what is best for their individual families, but in addition, boards should consider the effects on enrollment this bill would create. This bill will undoubtedly lower enrollment as children and their families seek alternative educational opportunities if they choose to decline the HPV vaccine, thus reducing education funding from the state.

Trisha Murray, Moms for Liberty chapter chair, has either appeared in person or written to all San Luis Obispo County school boards to urge them to join her in reaching out to state lawmakers about AB 659.

“While it is great that this bill would allow for services to be given at no cost to low-income families, I do not, nor do many parents who are reaching out to Moms for Liberty, feel that the HPV vaccine should be required to advance a child to the 8th grade,” Trisha said to a local board. “I truly feel that the state can provide the HPV vaccine and cervical exams for low-income families without forcing the HPV vaccine on families who choose not to participate in this vaccine.”

“Twelve-year-olds can already get the HPV vaccine if they so choose without parental knowledge or consent,” Trisha continued, “allowing the mandate of the HPV vaccine will remove not only parental rights, but also the right to the child, and the physician’s right to decide what is best for them.”

In a letter drafted to the members of a local school board, Trisha states, “I fear you will see another significant drop in enrollment on top of the already declining numbers. I ask you to please read the text of this bill, form your own opinion and if this board sees fit, please send a formal opposition letter asking for the removal of the HPV mandate for kids to advance to 8th grade.”

The local Moms for Liberty chapter is asking all parents to reach out to your school boards too and urge them to reach out to our state lawmakers before the Health Committee meeting (should submit all letters by March 8 on the committee’s portal), as letters from them make a bigger impact. As constituents of the state, parents can also write letters to the committee.

For more information, contact the Moms for Liberty San Luis Obispo Chapter at or visit

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