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Local publishes book of animal portraits and more 

Local Photographer authors new book

 ‘Animal Portraits With The Digital Photography Of John Crippen: Learning Photography With Animals’

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 6.49.32 PMAuthor and photographer John Crippen has released  ‘Animal Portraits With The Digital Photography Of John Crippen: Learning Photography With Animals’. The book is for photographers who are ready to transition from point and shoot to DSLR.

‘Animal Portraits’ has over 100 captivating photos with information such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture settings under each image. While some dialog is provided regarding lens, filter or technique, most of the book provides an opportunity for readers to look at images and decide what kind of composition the reader would like to experiment with on their own. Incorporated in the collection are lighting, color, and field of depth combinations. The book is geared towards people transitioning from a point and shoot to a DSLR camera, but is useful at all levels of expertise.

Jack Magnus of Readers Favorite said, “’Animal Portraits with the Digital Photography of John Crippen’ is a guide for photographers who have made, or are considering making, the transition from a point and shoot or a “prosumer” DSLR camera to a full- fledged DSLR. The first part of the book is a tutorial with demonstrations showing how shutter speed, focal length and environmental conditions can make photography challenging, and the solutions that can be used. He gives examples of pictures taken in zoos and in the wild, and shows how the background of each picture can enhance the mood of the presentation. Author and photographer John Crippen also discusses the types of equipment you’ll need to bring along for a day’s shooting. Each picture contains data including the type of camera, lens, f-stop, ISO and the time of exposure. He suggests that new DSLR enthusiasts can learn through exploring what experienced photographers have achieved and gives the reader basic instructions and guidelines. He also includes pictures taken with various point and shoot cameras while noting that great shots are sometimes just a moment or two’s opportunity. I will be purchasing a new DSLR in the near future and am also a wildlife photographer. This book is both impressive and enlightening. There are portraits of lions and elephants, seals and sea lions, and an amazing selection of wild bird photos, all beautifully composed and filled with life. Crippen’s details and instructions are precise and to the point, and his pictures illustrate the lessons given. This is a remarkable collection of photographs as well as a well-thought-out introduction to the art of animal photography using a DSLR camera.”

‘Animal Portraits With The Digital Photography Of John Crippen: Learning Photography With Animals’ is available at Amazon. More information is available at Crippen’s website at

About John Crippen

John Crippen

John Crippen

Photographer and published author John Crippen has been recognized by multiple publications, magazine covers and books. Crippen holds a degree in Psychiatric Technology as well as another in Liberal Arts from Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California. His writing and images have been seen in almost 40 countries by way of the PSA Magazine, Photographers Society of America.

Awards in visual arts include the California Mid-State Fair Photo Contest in which he has placed in professional divisions in 2007, 2008, and 2009. His connection with nature has had a tremendous influence to his photography, writing, and hand drawn artwork. John Crippen has written 7 books in various genres including photography how-to, travel, psychology, humor, and a graphic novel based on classic mythology. Along with his books, John Crippen has published articles on a multitude of subjects including the Tesla Roadster, Elephant Seals on San Simeon, The 2009 Amgen Tour of California, deterioration of health care and poverty in the United States. Many of the articles have been published through his own column on as well as in local and international publications.

Crippen has been involved in numerous fundraisers in conjunction with local chambers of commerce including The National Wildlife Association, Atascadero Land Preservation Society, Sober Graduations, and several others. Crippen has also donated books to libraries across the nation and actively encourages young people to pursue their love of arts. His memberships include the Photographer Society of America, National Geographic Society, Audubon Society, News Vine, Atascadero Art Association, and several local chambers. The majority of John Crippen’s photography has taken place on the Central Coast, but he has also shot in San Diego, Catalina, San Francisco, Yosemite, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Fanning Islands.

In August 2009, Crippen founded the “Cameras For Kids” project. The website and book were created to teach children about digital photography through simple terms, examples, and icons. He has also visited schools and taught 30 minute presentations to children of varying ages. The Cameras For Kids Program was also designed to teach children about animals, nature, and green sciences. The book won a 2010 national bronze award from Reader’s Favorite. – Don McCauley – WNB West Radio



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