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Loving Farm Animal sanctuary moves to Paso Robles 

-From the SLO Vegan Guide

–The Loving Farm Animal Sanctuary has moved south from San Jose right here to our very own Paso Robles. They made the move in November, bringing with them 20 animals including rescued pigs, horses, hens saved from battery cages, dogs, cats, and soon sheep as well.

Owned and operated by Tracey Jackson Soucy, their mission is to, “Educate the public and influence change on compassionate treatment of animals, and the environment, by encouraging a plant-based lifestyle. To protect and care for farm animals, and senior cats and dogs, who have been neglected, abused and abandoned.”

Owner Tracey Soucy is a life-long animal lover.

Soucy says she has always rescued homeless and “unwanted” dogs and cats, but once she and her husband and Co-Founder, Bill, decided to involve the public in their efforts to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals they got their 501c3 in 2015.

Soucy says she was a vegetarian for over 25 years and her only regret is not becoming a vegan until a few years ago. She is passionate about raising awareness about animal abuse of any kind and has a particular passion for informing the public about the cruelties in animal agribusiness, and says she is “committed to informing people about what they are buying, and who they are eating, so people can make informed, more humane decisions.”

Tours are available by appointment only. They are located at 6060 Vista Del Paso in Paso Robles. Visit their Facebook calendar for the next volunteer day or open house.