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Medical Treatment in Berlin 

Many patients who receive medical services at German hospitals prefer to undergo their medical treatment in Berlin. It is convenient to get here, and people can have a good time in between medical procedures. The main thing, however, is that there are many modern and well-equipped hospitals in the capital of Germany. You are welcome to visit the Booking Health website if you would like to make an appointment for your treatment of cancer or another disease at one of the Berlin hospitals.

What hospitals in Berlin are considered the best?

The Charite University Hospital Berlin is the best hospital not only in Berlin, but possibly in Germany and Europe. It is here that politicians, businessmen, and celebrities from all over the world are treated. Bering, Koch, Erlich, and other prominent scientists, as well as Nobel Prize winners, studied and worked here.

The hospital admits almost a million patients annually. More than 4,000 scientists and doctors work here. The hospital has more than 100 departments and institutes. Almost all areas of medicine are represented at the hospital. Most often than not, foreign patients seek medical attention from the Charite University Hospital Berlin for cancer treatment, brain surgery, and cardiac surgery.

The Charite University Hospital Berlin has a Proton Therapy Center, one of six in Germany and the first in Western Europe. It has been operating since 1998. Today, eye and brain tumors are irradiated here with virtually no damage to the tissues surrounding the tumor.

Other Berlin hospitals

There are dozens of other hospitals in Berlin that admit foreign patients. There are a few examples:

The Meoclinic Hospital Berlin is a large private hospital with 28 departments. The medical facility has ISO certification. The hospital uses state-of-the-art equipment and performs robot-assisted surgery. There is also the Radiology Center here. This is one of the best medical facilities for surgical interventions. Most of them are performed using minimally invasive techniques, that is, through short incisions.

The Helios Hospital Berlin-Buch ranks among the top German hospitals, according to FOCUS magazine. It has been operating for over a hundred years. It includes 60 departments and institutes as well as 23 operating rooms. The medical facility has one of the best emergency services in the country with a helipad. The hospital is certified by the German Cancer Society and the German Diabetes Society. The hospital is in a beautiful setting, close to the park and the Castle Buch. 

The MIC Hospital Berlin specializes in minimally invasive surgery. This medical facility has one of the largest experiences in Germany in the minimally invasive treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease with the implantation of the LINX system. The hospital performs more than 7,000 operations per year.

The Rehabilitation Clinic Medical Park Humboldtmuehle Berlin is one of the best hospitals in Germany in the field of orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, according to FOCUS magazine. It is located on the shores of Lake Tegel, in a green area, so patients recover not only physically but also psychologically here.

All these and many other hospitals in Berlin are presented on the Booking Health website. You can use our service to find out prices, compare costs at different hospitals, and choose a medical care program. Our company’s specialists will help you select a hospital depending on your diagnosis or symptoms, book an appointment for your preferred dates, and translate your medical records into German. We will fully arrange your trip to Germany and provide support and assistance in resolving any issues during the entire period of your stay abroad. When you make an appointment for your treatment through our service, you save money due to the absence of additional taxes for foreign patients. You will also receive insurance that protects you against unforeseen medical expenses.

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