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Movie review: ‘Lamborghini – the man behind the legion’ now playing 

– The film, “Lamborghini – the man behind the legion”, is out and streaming now in a variety of places, including Amazon Prime.

The film, written and directed by Oscar winner (Crash), Bobby Moresco, brings a neatly packaged story about Ferruccio Lamborghini whose dream to build a better tractor is brought to fruition.

And then, furthering his aspirations, in 1963, out comes the car that rocks the world of sports cars with the Lamborghini super, luxury, high-performance sport vehicle.

Romano Reggiani plays the young Lamborghini, and the older Lamborghini, played by Frank Grillo, and Ferruccio’s sidekick brother, played by Giorgio Cantarini, showcase the humble beginnings as farmers, to the rise of sports car manufacturers.

Their efforts ultimately result in the prominently recognized Lamborghini name defined by the bull insignia.

The beauty of the film is not only the dream coming true with the ultimate in sexy cars, but the love story, between Ferruccio and his wife, played by Oscar winner (Aphrodite) Mira Sorvino.

His wife’s death from childbirth accelerates Ferruccio’s transition from the innocent farm kid to the worldly entrepreneurial man.

A wide range of music in the film begins with WWII dance tunes, and continues throughout with other apropos selections of genres that enhance the fast-moving Italian scenery, the farms and the workmanship in the factory.

Camera artistry brings the story together in a shiny, clean finish just like the flashy sports car brought to life by the man behind the legion.

– By Laureen Diephof

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