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Movie ‘The Gael’ filming in Paso Robles in May 

The Gael Paso Robles

“The Gael” movie will star Rachel Clark and Paul Meixner. The movie will be filmed the Paso Robles area in early May.

Lucas Diercouff, a United States Army veteran and film student who is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, plans to film his movie, “The Gael,” in Paso Robles.

“‘The Gael’ is a film about a Celtic wife who is forced to rescue her husband after he is taken captive by the Romans,” said Diercouff, who wrote the script and will direct the movie as part of his thesis film.

The movie is set in Scotland in 200 AD, during the time that Rome was expanding its empire and attempted to take over the land know at the time as Caledonia. The people of Caledonia were able to keep the Romans out of most their land.

Starring in “The Gael” is Rachel J. Clark, Miss Scotland 2014. Clark will play Caer, who must save her husband, Aengus, who will be played by Paul Meixner, a film academy graduate. Other cast members include: Shay House (who will play Caer’s brother Colin), Dale Nowicki, (who will play Atillius, a Roman commander), and James Bane. The theme music was composed by George Xoulogis.

“It has always been my dream to tell the story of a challenged love amidst the struggle of war,” Diercouff said. “The kind of story that suits historical period and is an honest portrait of the passion of ancient Scotland.”

Diercouff had heard about how Paso Robles wine country resembled Scotland, so he visited the area a few weeks ago and agreed. He toured several vineyards, where he the movie will be filmed on the grassy hills. The team of about 20 cast and crew will film in the area May 4 to 8. The entire movie, he said, will be shot in the area. The team of both New York Film Academy students and those from outside the school will travel from Los Angeles and stay in Paso Robles.

In order to make the movie a reality, Diercouff is looking for donors to help get them to the area. He has a campaign on People donating at least $20 will get the soundtrack and movie delivered digitally. He said he expects the film to be completed in August, with it shown at Warner Brothers in September, right before Diercouff graduates.

Most of the props and costumes were acquired from The Legion Six Historical Society. However, the film is still in need of materials to build the Celtic roundhouse.

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