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Music Makers DJ Service in Morro Bay Releases A List Of Tips For Choosing Memorable Music 

DJ Service Morrow Bay

–Music Makers DJ Service in Morro Bay, California has released a list of tips for choosing memorable music for events. From birthdays to weddings to golden anniversaries, friends and families get together to celebrate and just the right music makes a great party with great memories.

Tips for Choosing Memorable Music

Music decorates the atmosphere of any celebration. From the time guests begin arriving until the party is over, music helps set the tone for the entire event. Even though music is always on the things to do list for planning an event, it somehow usually winds up as one of the last things taken care of. Music is music, right?

“Not necessarily,” said Michelle Ortiz co-owner of Music Makers DJ Service in Morro Bay, “There’s more to music than just dancing to it. Inviting background music at the beginning of any event can welcome guests, a change of music can be used to announce the next phase, and even dance music needs to consider who the guests are.”

Ortiz said thinking about these easy tips will help choose music that guests will remember for long after the party is over.

  • Music for the background
  • Who are your guests?
  • Music for dancing

What to play in the background

Get-together parties for holidays, weddings, anniversary, birthday parties are often a combination of special themes and traditions. Background music while guests are arriving helps set the tone and a good mix of music is especially rewarding to guests from different generations. Most everyone loves Christmas music and perks up when a Sousa march fills the air with Fourth of July music, but after a while, even a good beat in the background can become annoying.

A mix of melodies and music with a good beat playing quietly in the background sets the mood for greetings and good conversation while guests are arriving. Stepping up the tempo and volume to just the right level tells guests the party is moving up a notch!

Who are your guests?

Even though it is important for the guests of honor to have their favorite music at their party, a good host wants everyone to have a good time. Music that brings back happy memories is one of the best ways for every guest to remember the party.

Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa like to dance, too! Remember, that many grandparents of today can dance everything from the Charleston, the jitterbug and salsa to the latest dance-floor moves. Today’s great-grandparents grew up dancing to Elvis, the Beatles, still have the moves and know the words to all the songs!

Use the generations the guests are from as a guide to the mix of music for the entire event. Think about adding in some “sing-along” music from different eras.

Dance music

Everyone enjoys themselves when they are dancing, especially to good music. A good host knows that a variety of music is usually the best choice, but what variety? Teen guests at a graduation party might have different tastes in music than a graduation party for college graduates in their mid-20s. Who are the guests of honor? Music for a bachelorette party might be much different than an anniversary party for parents or grandparents. Yet, a good party has music for everyone.

Before choosing dance music, review the guest list. A good mix of music for all guests is going to get more people out on the dance floor.

A DJ service, especially one with a library of nearly 10,000 songs like the Morro Bay DJ Service, can help a host and hostess select just the right music. From background music, while guests are arriving, to a new tune announcing the party is moving to the next stage, to dance music, letting the experts help with the plans and manage the music frees the host and hostess to pay attention to their guests.

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