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Nipomo Family Dentist Releases The Report ‘Considerations for Choosing Dental Implants’ 

Nipomo family dentist

Nipomo family dentist, Dr. Douglas Ng, has released a report about choosing dental implants to help inform the public about their choices. Dental implants are a proven method for safe and stable tooth replacement.

Considerations for choosing dental implants

The American Dental Association (ADA) reports that the development of dental implants is one of the biggest advances in dentistry in the past 40 years. Dr. Douglas Ng advises that dental implants can be a good choice as supports for replacement teeth. More people are starting to ask about dental implants as a secure and stable option for missing or damaged teeth. The considerations that the family dentist in Nipomo wants people to think about before making their final decision are:

  • Understanding the procedure
  • Committing to the process
  • The role of healthy gums and bone
  • Implants versus dentures
  • Choosing the right dentist

Understanding the procedure

The complete procedure takes place over three phases

  1. The dentist surgically implants a titanium post into the jaw bone. Titanium is used because of its biocompatibility quality with bone, known as “osteophilic,” or “bone loving.”
  2. The healing process, or “osseointegration,” can take a few months until the implant is fully integrated with the bone.
  3. Finally, the day for placing new crowns and bridges arrives. The dentist may use crowns for a few teeth, or a bridge customized to fit your mouth. Dr. Ng, the family dentist in Nipomo, reminds patients that making crowns or replacement teeth usually takes some time so you will most likely be fitted with temporaries until the new teeth are ready.

Committing to the process

Implants are dental surgery and as with any surgery, there is a healing period that requires special care. The care includes:

  • Continuing good dental hygiene practices. The dentist sends you home with special care instructions
  • Temporary diet changes to prevent irritating gums, destabilizing the implant or damaging temporary dental work
  • Follow-up visits to make sure the implants are successful and everything is healing

The role of healthy gums and bone

An adequate amount of bone is required to support the implant. Healthy gums and overall general health are also necessary. Health can be more important than age when considering implants.

Both oral health and general health examinations are going to answer many questions. Conditions, such as early gum disease, can be addressed and you may need a general health exam by a physician. Your dentist evaluates the information from the exams and helps you put together a path to implants.

There are a number of diseases that might eliminate candidacy for implants, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Tobacco use might slow healing.

Implants versus dentures

Dental implants can be a good alternative to dentures. Implants can preserve bone and help maintain the facial structure. Because implants feel and function like natural teeth, normal brushing, flossing and other oral hygiene practices replace removing and soaking dentures. Implants restore normal chewing capacity, which contributes to overall health.

Choosing the dentist

Rated number one on Yelp since 2012, Dr. Ng has been providing quality, state-of-the-art dental care since 2008. The continual support, education and modern equipment ensure top care for all family dental needs. Dr. Ng and his staff are available to answer dental health questions and schedule appointments at your earliest convenience.

Nipomo Family Dentistry

195 N Thompson Ave Suite #3

Nipomo, CA 93444

(805) 929-1888

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