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Nipomo Family Dentists create ‘Toothtales’ cartoon to ease childrens’ fear of the dentist 


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Cartoons are a fun way for children to watch and learn importance of proper dental care

Nipomo Family Dentistry takes grinning seriously, especially on children. Dr. Christina Do and Dr. Douglas Ng offer new, exciting creative solutions to encourage children to be unafraid of dental work and to look forward to check-ups on a regular basis. Healthy mouth care is important and the team at Nipomo dentist want to make sure kids begin at a young age to take proper care of their mouths. The use of Toothtales Cartoons is promoting new interest in kids’ relationship with dentists.

The overall health of the body can be recognized in teeth, so the Nipomo dentist urges parents to begin acclimating children to dentistry at a very young age, even before the child is born. Do and Ng prefer expectant mothers come in for check ups, where perhaps Nipomo Family Dentistry may be able to determine the child’s dental welfare through the expectant mother’s healthy mouth care.

Monitoring the brushing habits of children is important, so parents should remain in the bathroom directing the cleaning of teeth so that it is properly done. Many dentists believe young children do not acquire proper brushing techniques until they are nearly 8-years-old, the reason being the maneuvering of a toothbrush is not adequately performed by young children.

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Tooth decay

Soda is one of the worst foods to offer a child. It is severely destructive to teeth, according to Ng. Foods that bind to the teeth are also foods to keep an eye out for, foods like raisins, potato chips, bananas, most snack foods that children love such as cheesy puffs and candy. These heavy starchy foods and sweet, sugary foods stick to the teeth where plaque begins to grow and cavities form.

Ng’s partner Do’s cartoon videos “ToothTales” is a new concept for kids’ approach to going to the dentist. The cartoons are a fun way for children to watch and learn the proper techniques and importance of proper dental care and to be unafraid to go to the dentist. Do recognized the shrill sound of the dentist drill frightened children and dental procedures were scary to them. She designed the ToothTales cartoons to soften that fear and encourage children to the painless and healthy experiences of going to the dentist.

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Watch an episode below:

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