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Nipomo Landscape Supply Company Publishes ‘Do It Yourself Tips For A Flagstone Walkway’ 

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–In demand for home and landscaping design since the 1900s, flagstone is one of most attractive and easiest to install stepping-stones available. Central Coast Landscape Products, Inc. the Nipomo landscape supply company, has published easy to follow tips for installing a do-it-yourself flagstone path.

Flagstone is a sedimentary flat stone that forms in layers, over millions of years. Made up of sand, clay, water and organic sediments that have been compressed and hardened over time, flagstone comes in a variety of colors, depending on where it is found. The quarried flat layers, or slabs, are usually broken up into different sized pieces then packaged on special pallets to keep as many of the original pieces together as possible. This processing method is one of the reasons we see flagstone pieces that seem to fit together so well.

Before starting any flagstone project, the experts at the Nipomo landscape supply recommend that you make a rough sketch of the project that includes the length and width of the path. The sketch doesn’t have to be to scale, but it needs to include where the path starts and ends, any turns or curves in the path and drawings of other landscape features that are along the path, such as a tree or flower bed. Measurements are required to calculate the amount of landscape product to order.

For a flagstone pathway, the materials include sand, weed block fabric, flagstone of course, something for a border, and decorative sand or gravel to fill the spaces between the stones. The amount of decorative material needed depends on how much space is between the stepping-stones. Some prefer tight spacing, but a little wider spacing allows for different color and texture to be added and can create interesting patterns and dramatic effects. Don’t forget the tools! Wheelbarrow, shovels, rakes and some smaller hand tools are essential. A quick phone call or visit to Central Coast Landscape Products can answer any questions. After placing the materials order, be sure to have someplace, as close to the work site as possible, for the materials to be unloaded.

Here are the steps for building the walkway:

  1. Clear the area by removing grass, weeds, rocks, and debris
  2. Mark the path, using spray paint, or stakes and string.
  3. Install the border by digging a shallow trench, about two inches deep along the outside edge of the paint or string. Install the border according to the instructions that come with the border materials. A vinyl border will be installed differently than a rock or wooden border. The border helps keep the flagstone from shifting.
  4. Roll out weed block fabric over the path. Stake it and trim any excess with scissors.
  5. Spread sand a few inches thick over the weed fabric, making sure to keep it level enough to set the stones and a little elevation in the center to allow for water drainage. Tamp the sand to compact it.
  6. Lay out the flagstones about one to three inches apart. Nestle them into the sand enough to prevent shifting when they are stepped on. Start with the larger pieces. Flagstone is easy to break with a hammer to fill in any gaps.
  7. Once the flagstone is in place, spread the decorative sand or gravel over the top and use a wide broom to sweep it into the spaces.

Flagstone from Central Coast Landscape Products

The Nipomo landscape supplier has all of the products needed for a flagstone path. Check the company website products page for a list of decorative sand and rock and choose from several different colors of flagstone.

Flagstone is a popular choice for patios, fences, roofing, paths, headstones, and facades. To learn more about the many decorative and construction uses for flagstone, or for any landscaping project, contact Central Coast Landscape Products.
The company goal is to provide the best products and professional assistance to help you create the landscape of your dreams.

Central Coast Landscape Products

445 Prado Road

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 595-3478

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