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North County Humane Society’s ‘Bottle Babies’ program saves newborn kittens 

By Beth Giuffre

A two-week old kitten being bottle fed.

A two-week old kitten being bottle fed. All photos by Tom Lott.

Without program the babies would most likely perish

–As the only homeless neonatal rescue program of its kind in the county, North County Humane Society’s Bottle Babies Program never turns a needy kitten away, no matter how young, wild, or injured. The program age ranges from one hour to eight weeks old, with different levels of volunteer commitments. The newborn kittens are bottle fed until they are ready for solid food.

Since the Bottle Babies program began February of this year, the program has taken in 120 kittens. Three-quarters of those kittens have been bottle babies. From a one-legged kitty named Hopscotch, to a two-day-old kitten named Regan found on a King City schoolyard, all are welcome.

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Sherry Chapman

Sherry Chapman, a retired veterinarian assistant from Lakewood, aptly nicknamed “The Cat Whisperer” said the program is always looking for volunteers, though she raves about her compassionate, committed volunteer staff of 14.

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