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Obituary of Dulcie M. Brown 


– Dulcie M. Brown — 2021 closed out a remarkable century-long life. Dulcie lived through the Great Depression and surfed through technology advances from word-of-mouth to smart phones and the Dick Tracy-envisioned wrist communicators, from rifles to rocket-delivered explosives, from TNT to nuclear bombs to laser blasters, from the science fiction of Buck Rogers to the reality of man’s landing on the moon, living for months in a space station, and million-mile space probes, from the Model-T to all electric cars, from single-seat biplane fighter planes (that sounds scary!) to aircraft that can fly around the world without stopping, break the sound barrier, or fly above the earth’s atmosphere, from radio to interactive TVs, and from the handwritten note to computers and social media.

And through it all, she lived the changes and ups and downs of her life with resilience, humor, and grace. She was frisky until the day she died, walking independently and enjoying tri-biking, clocking over 800 miles in the past six years.

An avid reader, 2–4 books a week during her retirement years, her interests were wide and often ahead of her time. While in college, she completed flight school but WWII preparations prevented her from finishing the necessary solo hours to receive her pilot’s license. It’s there that she met and married the father of her two children, Damon and Karen.

During her 34 years as a teacher in Parkfield, Cholame, and Shandon, she inspired hundreds of students, changing their lives and equipping them with the skills to thrive wherever life might take them. No student left her classroom performing below grade level. Her calm generosity of spirit and compassion for others made her a leading light wherever she went. She will be sorely missed. She is survived by her daughter, Karen.

A graveside celebration of her life and the burial of her ashes will be held April 24, 1 p.m., at Todd Cemetery in Parkfield. Rather than flowers, please send recollections of one or two of your favorite moments with her or how having her as your teacher changed your life. These keepsakes will be buried with her ashes. Please send them to

You may also make a donation to the Dulcie M. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund. Scholarships will go to students from the Parkfield, Cholame, and Shandon areas who are interested in becoming a teacher who can inspire students to become their best. Checks should be sent to the Dulcie M. Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 2989, Paso Robles, CA 93447. Donations will be tax deductible.

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