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On Faith and Family: Don’t get caught with your pants down! 


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–My husband and I have been on a quest to lead a healthier lifestyle. This includes cutting back on sugar and going for frequent jogs around the neighborhood. Amid raising two toddlers, potty training, and trying to keep up with daily life, I had to admit that the challenge seemed a bit daunting at first. What I didn’t anticipate, was how much fun it was going to be making this life change with our kids!

Our little boys: Grant, (3,) and Colton, (2,) were just recently gifted some tricycles. As I’m sure you can imagine, they were dying to take them out for a spin.

At first, I was a little leery about taking them with us around the neighborhood because of traffic, so I decided one lovely afternoon to pack up the bikes and take a short drive over to the cemetery behind our house. Grant loved it so much that he asked me to take him the next time I went for a jog and I was delighted because he was able to burn off energy and I was able to burn off some extra calories! It was a win, win.

After our exercise session, Grant and I went to sit on a bench and enjoy the sunshine.

Being that we are at the brink of potty training, our sons have discovered a newfound obsession with pointing out every building that could possibly have a potty. Noticing that there was a large brick building off in the distance, Grant of course was curious.

“It’s just a potty,” I said. “Like the one we have at home.”

Grant thought about that for several minutes.

“What are those?” Grant wanted to know, pointing out all the gravestones in the grassy field before us.

I decided to use this as a teachable moment and gently explained to him that the stones marked and honored the people who had died.

“At one time or another, everyone must die. The beautiful thing is, if we put our faith and trust in Jesus and what He did on the cross for sinners like us, we can go and be with Him in heaven when we die,” I explained. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

My little boy looked up at me like he was about to cry.

“Are you ok, son?” I asked after several moments, concerned that perhaps I had shared too much too early.

Grant looked at me with moist eyes. “Mommy…am I going to die going potty too?”

Darn it. So much potty-training progress…flushed down the toilet, (literally) because of me and my big fat mouth.

Okay, okay, so even though I scarred my son from potty training for life, at least we were able to share a valuable lesson together: when it comes to trusting in Jesus, we need to be ready and watching for His return with our wicks trimmed, our oil ready and…our pants up.

Blessings friends,

Don’t forget to look up!