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Opinion: ‘twas the night before Christmas for Paso People’s Action 

Opinion: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas for Paso People’s Action

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all was quiet through North County,
Our residents were sleeping, enjoying the season’s bounty.

It was a year of transition and issues through town,
A time of challenge, that didn’t bring anyone down.

From geological anomalies to a special election,
Events of importance that brought introspection.

With citizens rising up and taking a stand,
A wine country town, which they wanted to lend a hand.

We joined committees to collaborate and guide,
A love for Paso, all on one common side.

Some of us mulled runs, others threw in the hat,
After all, what does it matter–if you’re not on the mat?

The small things matter too, no matter your views,
Thank you Hana Peters, for helping pick up the refuse.

We also mourned those gone, goodbye Mayor Steve,
A leader for all time, you’d better believe.

In all our wine country grew more, Daou was in the news,
The Central Coast—a region—getting its dues.

Yet the new year is ahead, 2024 comes soon,
An election year, new superintendent, all a big boon.

So rest up Paso Roblans and revel in your delight,
You’ve made an impact this year,
So Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


-Submitted by Albert Qian on behalf of Paso People’s Action.


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