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Paso Robles 4Gs Plumbing Announces The Top Water Saving Appliances 

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–Everyone knows to save water by turning off faucets, fixing leaks, taking short showers, putting timers on landscape watering, and installing low-flow toilets. Technological improvements to some every-day appliances also contribute to saving water and the Paso Robles plumber from 4Gs Plumbing has a list of features to look for when buying these appliances.

Water saving appliances help reduce the water bill by using less water while performing their jobs with increased efficiency. The top water-saving appliances are:

  • Dishwashers
  • Washers
  • Refrigerators


Using a dishwasher can save around several gallons of water over hand washing. A typical hand washed load of dishes for a family uses 20 gallons of water compared to less than five gallons to wash the same load in a dishwasher. Even older dishwashers cut the water usage close to half over hand washing, using around 10 gallons.

Improvements that make modern dishwashers more efficient include:

  • Dish racks that position the contents for more thorough cleaning. Loading the dishwasher according to the instructions in the manual make sure everything is positioned for the best cleaning.
  • Advanced filtration systems remove washed-off particles more efficiently.
  • Sensors can detect how clean (or not) dishes are during the cycle and use that information to effectively clean while conserving water and energy.
  • Jets now use less energy to more efficiently spray water and detergent and clean dishes with less water.


Front load washers are significantly more water-efficient than top loading. Even though top loading washers are still the top sellers in the United States, they can use up to 27 gallons of water per load compared to 13 gallons used by the more water-efficient models.


It doesn’t seem like much, but a refrigerator with a water dispenser can save water, especially when thirsty kids come in from playing and forget to turn off the faucet after filling a glass with water.

The filtration systems can eliminate the undesirable flavor of some public water systems, reducing the cost of bottled water or a water service.

When in doubt about the best water-saving appliance

Consider appliances with the Energy Star® seal. Energy Star® is a government-backed symbol for emergency efficiency that provides information consumers rely on to make informed decisions about purchases. Consumers can get information about certified products by visiting the energy efficient products page.

Call 4Gs Plumbing to make sure that the plumbing and water connections are all in good working order and ready for new appliances. The company takes great pride in workmanship and customer satisfaction. The crew arrives fully equipped to handle plumbing needs and with cleaning supplies so that no mess is left behind.

Be sure to check the 4Gs website regularly to take advantage of a variety of discount coupons, especially for veterans and senior citizens.

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