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Paso Robles female athletes who are successful 

Female Athletes

Anyone who is a woman knows: it is not easy to gain prominence in the profession we are looking for and that does not change in sport. Athletes of the most diverse sports are less recognized and often do not deserve the credit. Even so, the numbers don’t lie; they are amazing and hardworking.

The city of Paso Robles is known for having led many athletes to stand out in various areas of success. Rusty Kuntz, Sandy Koufax, Jason Botts, and Hal Rhyne were some known names in baseball, Frank Minini, Don Parish, John Seedborg, Mitchell Van Dyk are well-known artists in football. And in today’s post, we’ll tell you more about two athletes from Paso Robles who made and are making history in the sport. And for sports betting fans, we’ve also separated a list of legal online bookies with trusted sites for sports and betting fans.

Andrea Baxter – Equestrian Competitor

Andrea Baxter, from Paso Robles, from Rancho Twin Rivers, is a competitor in the field of international equestrian. His competitive history begins in 2008 at Baxter East Coast, where he began competing and training and gained knowledge working for and with Buck Davidson and Leslie Law.

That same year the competitor finished second at CCI3 in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, and qualified for the Beijing 2008 Olympics with Estrella. She went on to compete with Estrella at various events across the country and eventually made her CCI4 debut* at Rolex Kentucky.

In addition to all the championships and still being active, the athlete impresses the public with her horse’s training, the Indy 500. In a sport built in partnership, she always impresses a athlete who has a good relationship with her horse. For Andrea Baxter and the Indy 500, their success builds on a relationship that has been brewing for nearly a decade. Now 13, “Indy” (Cromwell – Tensofthousands, Spend A Buck) has lived with Baxter on her family’s Twin Rivers Ranch in Paso Robles, Calif., since he was 4 years old.

“She’s really been under my thumb her entire life. She was raised on a thoroughbred farm, but the farm was sold immediately when she was weaned, and then a friend of mine bought her before I bought her. I trained her and did everything with her. ”

Chaunté Lowe – High Jump

Chaunte LaTasha Lowe is an American athlete specializing in the high jump. World indoor champion in Istanbul 2012. She has as best marks, 2.05m in the outdoor event and 2.02 m in the indoor event, being the American record holder. She participated in the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, having obtained sixth place. However, she inherited the bronze medal from Beijing after the disqualifications of three athletes positioned in front of him, punished after the re-analysis of the anti-doping tests accusing the use of prohibited substances.

Chaunté is a regular at the Olympic Games. He has participated in high jump competitions since Athens 2004 and has been improving his results. After missing out on the final on his debut, she was sixth in Beijing in 2008 (now passed to third with the disqualification of three athletes for doping) and in London2012. In Rio 2016, despite having made the same mark as Olympic champion Ruth Beitia (1, 97 meters), she was out of the medals, in fourth place. Despite that, she smiled at the cameras.

Accustomed to seeing the world upside down, Chaunté just didn’t expect this to happen in her life when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. The first feeling was a revolt. “I’m young, healthy. I don’t drink. I never drank. I don’t use drugs. I did everything right so I wouldn’t have to be here to go through this,” the 36-year-old athlete and mother of three asked CNN, noting that this type of thinking can lead to many misdiagnoses, especially in young women who do not even dream that this could happen to them.

Despite this, the athlete tries to remain active and represent female athletes from all over the world.


Paso Robles has proven to be an excellent hub for artists of all styles. In other posts on the site, you can learn about success stories in all types of sports. In today’s post, we decided to bring together some artists who are active in competitions and manage to stand out in the sport, bringing shine and hope to other artists in the same sport and others. Andrea Baxter and Chaunté Lowe are successful examples from Paso Robles and also from around the world.


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