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Paso Robles General Store Opens In Downtown 

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 3.14.12 PMNew Paso Robles General Store opens

The store opened just before the Paso Robles Wine Festival

Paso Robles General StoreThe former A&R Building, for over a century a bustling part of downtown Paso Robles, now has a new tenant to add to its long history: General Store Paso Robles will open this Spring. Offering provisions for picnic, pantry and home, the store specializes in Central Coast goods. It faces the park at 841 12th Street, next to the future home of Artisan Restaurant.

Erin Stuck, Jillian Waters and Joeli Yaguda, proprietors of General Store Paso Robles, bring a combined 25 years of Paso Robles food, farm and retail experience. “Moving here from Portland, I was used to amazing food purveyors. Paso blew me away with how much access there is to farmers and artisans, in addition to incredible wine,” says Ms. Stuck.

The team has been working for months with local partners to create offerings for the shop, and have been especially excited by the picnic goods dreamed up by Trumpet Vine catering for the store. “The concept is a perfect fit for downtown,” said Trumpet Vine owner, Jennie Sturgeon. “I’m sure this trio will make General Store the next ‘go to’ spot for tourists and locals alike.”

“Mr. Tompkins (owner of the building), has an incredible vision for that corner,” adds Ms. Waters. “I live downtown, and there’s so much energy with the construction in the park and new businesses opening. It’s a beautiful place to live.”

General Store Paso Robles is open everyday 10am to 7pm. To join the mailing list for General Store Paso Robles, or to learn more, visit

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