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Paso Robles gets a new roastery, coffee shop 

Spearhead Coffee opens two weeks into 2015

Spearhead-Coffee-01Spearhead Coffee — the brainchild of Joseph Gerardis, Matt Klomp and Jeremy Sizemore — is opening in Paso Robles at 619 12th St. within the first two weeks of 2015. The shop will include a roastery, coffee shop, art gallery of sorts and cafe. Klomp’s wife, Sabrina, is a baker and is working on a menu of quiche, muffins, scones and more.

Gerardis is the owner of JoeBella Coffee in Atascadero, a business that will continue even after Spearhead opens. Sizemore went to work for Gerardis at JoeBella as a roaster. Klomp has managed a coffee shop and farm in Kona. The three of them came together to create a new coffee label in a different style.

“Basically, JoeBella focuses on certified organic, which limits [what it can do],” Sizemore said. “Spearhead’s goal is to carry everything — the very best. We’ll have a wider selection to pick the best coffees from around the world.” He added that a lot of coffee is organic, just not certified. He said the roastery will primarily buy directly from the coffee growers to provide the very best, as well as being fair to the growers.

While JoeBella’s focuses on medium and dark roasts, Spearhead will have light, medium and dark roasts. Sizemore said that the roasting will be a little different from JoeBella’s. The coffee shop itself, Sizemore said, will be a blend of the three owners’ styles. He said it will be more modern and industrial than JoeBella’s coffee shop in Atascadero.

“It’ll be warm and friendly,” Sizemore said. “It’ll be more upscale of a coffee shop than people are used to.”

Besides setting up a successful business, Sizemore said they have a heart for having a positive impact on both the local and global communities in which they live. Sizemore is a music teacher at Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation and said he wants to incorporate the arts — even his students — into the shop. One way that will be evident will be when customers walk in the door and see art adorning the walls and great music playing, setting the stage for artistic professionals to sit and work.

“We want a warm by artistic vibe,” Sizemore said.

He added that he and his partners are excited to have found a spot in downtown Paso Robles — right next door to Spa Central Coast and Organic Farms Juices and across the street from Il Cortile.

“We’re really excited to bring speciality to Paso Robles,” Sizemore said.



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