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Paso Robles Plumber, 4Gs Plumbing, Reports Why Gray Water Systems Are Good For The Budget 

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–Recycling household gray water is the smart way to save water and money by getting double-duty from hundreds of gallons of water that normally disappears down the drain. According to Brad Gilkey, the Paso Robles plumber who owns 4Gs Plumbing, the average American household uses 220 gallons of water per day and 80-to-90-percent can be safely recycled.

Black water, or sewage, from toilets, is not safe for household recycling. Older toilets use three to five gallons per flush and the newer, low-flow toilets, use less than two gallons. Flushing accounts for up to 16-percent of water use for an average American household.

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that 30-to-60-percent of household water is used outdoors. After subtracting toilet flushing, this calculates to as much as 111 gallons of daily water use per household that runs into yards, sidewalks, and street drains. A gray water system can direct those gallons into landscaping, reducing the overall household usage and improving water conservation.

How many actual dollars a family can save by reducing water usage with a gray water system depends on local water rates. Based just on close to 50-percent reduction in water used by redirecting household gray water to outdoor use, the family bookkeeper can calculate the savings.

Gray water systems can be as straightforward or as complex as someone wants. Residential gray water systems for watering landscape can be simple and inexpensive with most of the labor and cost going into digging ditches for the water pipes. Large pumped gray water systems, such as those used by commercial facilities like hotels or golf courses can be very expensive. Greywater Action, a California nonprofit promoting sustainable water use, reports that a household gray water system can cost from less than $1,000 to as much as $20,000.

A popular practice promoted by do-it-yourself sources is to divert washing machine water into the yard. The Paso Robles plumber from 4Gs Plumbing advises people to do this with caution. Some local governments have requirements for how gray water systems are built and where the water is allowed to run. Even when there are no requirements, where the water goes can cause problems. Water running into the same spot can create mud and erosion. “Be sure the water doesn’t wind up under the house creating mold and foundation problems,” said Gilkey. “And if you are on a septic tank you don’t want water flooding the leach field.”

An improperly installed gray water system may not be sending water to the right places, requiring some areas of the yard and landscaping to be watered from the household water supply and defeating the entire purpose of saving money and water.

The best cost-effective systems are going to be able to capture most of the household gray water and send it, through properly installed water pipes, to where it will do the most good. The Paso Robles plumbing company, 4Gs Plumbing, is the company to call for installing the pipes for a gray water system. The company has been serving Paso Robles and California’s Central Coast to five-star reviews since 2004. Call today for any residential or commercial plumbing need.


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