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Paso Robles Plumber Announces National Fix A Leak Week 

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-Sky Sepulveda, owner of Paso Robles’ Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains is reminding the public that March 16-22 is National Fix a Leak Week. The average household loses 10,000 gallons of water through leaks every year and 10-percent of homes waste 90 gallons per day and it’s never too early to start finding and fixing leaks.

National Fix a Leak Week, sponsored by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is a week of events happening from coast to coast that are geared to teach families how to find and fix household leaks.

Finding and fixing small leaks is good for the environment and good for the family budget. For those who are so inclined, finding and fixing small leaks is not a difficult task. Fixing these small leaks can save around 10-percent on water bills. The Paso Robles plumber is committed to help the community save water, money and avoid costly repair bills.

The most common leaks found in homes are worn toilet flappers, dripping faucets and other leaking valves. A few tools and a trip to the hardware store can usually fix these small leaks quite inexpensively.

The EPA’s Fix a Leak Week website has tip for finding and fixing common leaks for:

  • Toilets
  • Faucets and showerheads
  • Outdoor leaks
  • Leaks at the workplace

Sepulveda also adds that regular inspections two or three times a year are important for finding leaks, especially under cabinets and behind appliances, especially in the laundry room.  “One way to find out if you might have leaks that are not obvious to the eye is to check your water meter,” said Sepulveda.

  1. To check the water meter, make sure all the water, inside and outside, is turned off.
  2. If the water meter has a leak indicator, see if the dial is moving, or
  3. Check the meter reading then wait a couple of hours and check it again. If the reading has changed, you have a leak.

If unable to find the leak, a water pipe is cracked, or the toilet is cracked, the seal is damaged, or there is a continuing overflow problem, call the professional Paso Robles plumber. Some of the most problematic leaks are those in the sewer line, the water main, or underground such as landscape water system. A plumber uses detection tools to locate the source of leaks that are not readily visible. Even wet ground outside may not be exactly where the damage is to a pipe. The slope of the ground can cause water to pool a distance away from the actual leak.

Leaks that involve a continually overflowing toilet or the sewer lines may also expose people to pathogens that are in sewage. These kinds of leaks and the black water associated with them need special handling that is best done by a trained professional.

Anyone who finds a sewage leak needs to follow these instructions:

  • Isolate the area to keep people and pets out
  • If the leak is in a public sewage line, call the local public works department
  • If the leak is on private property, call a plumber

Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains, locally owned Paso Robles plumber and company, aims to provide quality service in every interaction with their customers. They arrive fully prepared with the correct equipment to handle a variety of plumbing issues and leave your home or business clean and tidy once their work is finished. Their employees wear shoe coverings to avoid tracking messes and staining floors. Customer satisfaction is their top priority.

Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains
Paso Robles, Ca 93446
(805) 835-7460

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