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Paso Robles Plumber Answers The Question, ‘Should I Do It Myself Or Call The Plumber?’ 

Paso Robles Plumber

–Some might just want to replace a leaky pipe themselves, but what if there is so much rust damage and cracks that getting old pipe off causes even more damage? The Paso Robles plumber from 4Gs Plumbing helps answer the question “Should I call the plumber?”

Some property owners or renters are very knowledgeable and can analyze and fix plumbing problems fairly easily, with no complications. But for too many others, the thought of even using a plunger to remove a toilet clog can seem like too much. 4Gs Plumbing has some suggestions that can help people determine if the job is do-it-yourself or needs a plumber.

Cracked, rusted and broken pipes might be easily replaced if the pipe is easily accessed and a handy person knows which new pipes, faucets, or adapters to buy and if it’s easy to crawl under a sink, turn off the water valves and swap out the old fittings with new ones. If there is any doubt about any of what was just mentioned, it is probably time to call the plumber.

What about clogged drains and toilets? When clogs are a chronic problem and the plunger, snake and drain cleaning products are in frequent use, it is definitely time to call the plumber because something is going on somewhere else in the plumbing system. Plumbers these days, including the Paso Robles plumber, have the latest technologies to locate and repair clogs, broken and collapsed pipes, root invasion, and even problems with a septic system.

Persistent leaks might be due to a faulty toilet or problems with the plumbing for the shower, bathtub, or washing machine. A leak that is creating a wet area needs the attention of a plumber to identify the source of the leak and not only repair it but identify any water damage or mold that might be happening. A leaking toilet can create serious health problems from black water. A professional plumber not only knows how to fix the leak but also knows who to call to repair any water damage, mold or black water damage to walls and floors.

Leaks under a building can contribute to long-term moisture that leads to mold or black water contamination. No one wants to crawl under a house that might be leaking sewage. A professional with the equipment and technologies to identify and repair the problem and avoid contamination is the best person for this kind of a job.

Problems with a septic tank or leach field can cause very unpleasant backups into a building through kitchen and bathroom plumbing or onto a lawn or street.

Installing new plumbing as part of a remodel might seem simple, but there are an entire set of concerns that require a certain level of knowledge and experience. Shower plumbing is usually behind a wall. If not installed correctly, there is always the possibility of leaks that will damage walls and floors. A new toilet (or a re-seated old one) needs a seal between the toilet and floor. It is important that this seal be correct for the base of the toilet. Otherwise, it is going to leak and over time cause water damage and black water contamination.

Some people are very skilled and knowledgeable to handle many of these situations. But, if there is any doubt or hesitation about anything to do with plumbing, the best bet is to call a qualified plumber.

The team at 4Gs Plumbing has over 13 years of commercial and residential plumbing experience. The company is highly rated on Yelp and offers discount coupons for teachers, veterans, senior citizens and more. Owner Brad Gilkey is pleased to help people troubleshoot and repair plumbing problems and install new plumbing fixtures and systems.

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