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Paso Robles Plumber Helps Homeowners Avoid Big Problems From Small Leaks 

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–That slow drip from the kitchen faucet, a small leak under the bathroom sink, cracked grout around the bathtub can all add up to big expensive problems. “Thinking ‘I’ll fix it later’ doesn’t work,” said Paso Robles plumber Brad Gilkey from 4Gs Plumbing, “because everyone forgets and later never comes.”

“The safest and least expensive thing to do is fix those leaks, drips and standing water problems quickly,” said Gilkey. Small and seemingly harmless leaks can lead to serious water damage and unhealthy mold over time. The cost of fixing a small problem is an investment against thousands of dollars of potential damage.

The average cost to repair water damage, according to the HomeAdvisor website, is $2586 and tops out at thousands over that, not including remediating mold or black water damage. Add another several thousand for mold and black water. Homeowner’s insurance policies will cover most water and mold damage unless it has been caused by neglect.

Some of the leading causes of water damage are drips and leaks that go unnoticed or unattended. A leaking roof doesn’t necessarily mean the roof needs to be replaced, but it can mean there might be water damage and mold in the attic.

Besides leaking faucets and roofs other water damage culprits include cracked water pipes, leaking toilets, cracked or peeling grout, standing water and landscape watering.

The Paso Robles plumber’s advice is to fix problems as soon as they are detected, practice preventive measures, and conduct regularly scheduled home check-ups to identify problems in their early stages.

  • Repair or replace leaking faucets right away. A long-term leak not only raises the water bill, water can build up along the edges of the sink, damage the countertop, and drip into cabinets and drawers. A small, neglected leak, can lead to entire sections being damaged.
  • Repair and replace any leaking, cracked pipes, and loose or rusted fittings.
  • Water can seep through cracks in grout and caulking. A crack, or missing piece of grout, create places for water to seep through into walls and the floor. Repair damaged grout and caulking at once.
  • Check the water heater for leaks on a regular basis.
  • An old seal or a plumbing problem can cause a toilet to overflow. Toilets can leak if the seal is old or if there is a crack somewhere. Leaking toilets are a cause of black water contamination. Any competent adult with a household disinfectant can clean up after the occasional toilet overflow. It is the long-term leaks and repeated overflows that cause damage. If neglected long enough to cause black water damage, everything that has been contaminated plus a margin has to be removed and replaced.
  • Puddles of water that remain unchanged for at least 24 hours when it is not raining or in landscape watered areas need to be checked. Some types of soil drain slower than others but even then, standing water evaporates and percolates into the soil and the puddle gets smaller. If the puddle is not changing, check for a broken pipe.
  • Damp soil that is in contact with any structure long enough causes mold and water damage. Landscape watering can contribute to structural damage. The 4Gs Paso Robles plumber recommends making small changes to landscaping and how it is watered to prevent water damage. Flower beds along the front wall are pretty, but the more water the flowers need, the moister the soil stays. Use dry landscape features or drought-tolerant plants closer to structures. Make sure landscape watering doesn’t hit the outside walls or run under the house or other structures. Slopes need roots to help stabilize the soil and planting drought-tolerant gardens provide the root systems and avoid over-watering that might flow into foundations.
  • Regularly inspect attics, basements and crawl spaces for any signs of dampness and locate and repair the cause immediately.
  • Even temperate climates can have freezing winter weather. Cover exposed water pipes with pipe insulation.

Anyone experiencing or suspecting water damage can contact 4Gs Plumbing for an assessment and repairs.

4 G’s Plumbing is a family owned business, named after the four members of the Gilkey family. The company has been meeting the residential and commercial plumbing needs for Paso Robles and the Central Coast since 2004.

The plumbing experts at 4Gs show up for the job clean, with professionally stocked trucks and ready to work. Not only are they equipped to handle your plumbing needs, they come with cleaning supplies so no mess is left behind.

4Gs Plumbing
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 835-3024

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