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Paso Robles Plumber Releases The Top Reasons To Include A Plumber In Your Remodel Plans 

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–Remodeling can include everything from improving a kitchen or bath, adding a new room or completely changing a floor plan. To help home and business owners avoid plumbing problems during a remodel project, Brad Gilkey, owner of Paso Robles 4Gs Plumbing, has recently released the top reasons for including a professional plumber in the planning process.

Even for seeming simple tasks like adding a spa on the patio or upgrading bath and kitchen plumbing fixtures, home and business owners can benefit from help from a professional plumber. The top reasons for including a plumber in remodeling plans are:

  • Identifying potential problems
  • Cost savings
  • The scope of the project
  • Experience

Identifying potential problems

Before starting any major remodel it’s a good idea to at least have a plumber inspect the plumbing throughout the building to avoid problems from old or damaged pipes. Older buildings are going to have older pipes and probably some other fixtures that may be on the fragile side and not stand up to a remodel. Older homes may have been remodeled several times in the past and the existing plumbing might not be adequate for the new plans. Identifying problems ahead of time prevents costly damage and delays.

Cost savings

Owners often think that do-it-yourself plumbing is going to save money because they are thinking in terms of labor costs. But there is more to installing new pipes and new fixtures than just labor. There is a level of knowledge about plumbing, pipes, how to accurately measure lengths, which fittings to use, and which tools to use that most home or business owners don’t have. Factoring in the cost of special tools (that may never be used again), the trips to the hardware store, researching and asking questions, and return trips to the hardware store, plus the hours and days, maybe even weeks, the kitchen or bathroom is “out of order” during the project, the savings in labor costs might not be worth the frustration.

The scope of the project

A professional plumber is an expert at assessing the scope of a remodeling project, including:

  • Estimating the time and cost of a project
  • Moving and adding plumbing lines for dishwashers, laundry appliances, sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets, and even the new spa
  • Moving drain lines
  • Customizing plumbing for special needs
  • Upgrading to the latest energy-efficient appliances
  • Connecting to sewer and septic lines
  • Assessing the condition of existing plumbing
  • Meeting building code and safety requirements


Plumbers know their stuff and get the job done right the first time. A professional plumber with years of experience knows the smaller details of plumbing that most of us don’t. Experience means the ability to see a problem in the making and avoid it, knowing how to work with code inspectors and the permitting process to avoid unnecessary delays, and having the skill and knowledge to complete the project on time.

4Gs Plumbing in Paso Robles has the expertise to satisfactorily complete any residential or commercial plumbing project on time and cost-effectively. The technicians are clean and the trucks are fully stocked with tools, materials, supplies and even cleaning supplies to clean up after the job. Call today.

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