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Paso Robles Propane Company Reports A Healthier Ride To School On Propane School Buses 

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–Propane-fueled school buses are creating a healthier and quieter buzz in school districts across the United States. “These buses are fuel-efficient, they reduce exhaust emissions, and are much quieter than diesel-powered buses,” said Brent Wingett, owner of the Paso Robles propane company, Central Coast Propane.

Thanks to settlement funds from the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund, an increasing number of school bus fleets are choosing propane-fueled buses over traditionally fueled buses.

School districts are lowering costs, enabling more funds to be directed into the classroom. According to the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) propane is reducing nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions, by as much as 96-percent, improving air quality, and these buses run much quieter than a diesel bus. School bus drivers are reporting that it’s easier to hear their passengers and since there is no need shout over the engine noise, the kids are having quieter conversations.

A PERC fact sheet reports that propane buses provide the lowest total cost of ownership. Operations factors including eliminating downtime linked to maintenance, on-site fueling stations, the cost of fuel, and lower maintenance costs are all factored into the overall cost-savings.

The amount of funds that are available to school districts varies by state or territory, depending on the number of non-compliant Volkswagen vehicles that were registered there. Wingett, the Paso Robles propane company operator, said, “According to the PERC interactive map, 37 California school districts are operating over 1400 propane school buses. This is an exciting move for our state.”

Propane used to fuel internal combustion engines is commonly called “autogas,” which is a mixture of propane (LPG) and butane. Autogas is the third most popular automotive fuel in the world and the only alternative fuel with stations in every state in the United States. Propane is separated from crude oil during the refining process and also extracted from natural gas or oil wellhead gas at processing plants. It is normally transported and stored in a liquid state under moderate pressure or refrigeration.
Volkswagen’s settlement with the federal government created a $2.7 billion trust that is allocated to state incentive programs for new, low emissions vehicles. Propane autogas school buses are a smart way to use the funds to reduce emissions and costs.

Wingett said he is excited to see more and more vehicles powered with autogas. The fuel is slashing the total cost of ownership for all kinds of fleets including taxicabs, law enforcement, construction, public transit and delivery and towing companies. “When propane is your business, you can’t help but get excited to see the industry grow and protect the environment at the same time.”

Central Coast Propane has been a provider of propane to Paso Robles and California’s Central Coast since 1992. The company’s services include supplying autogas fuel and dispensing equipment and providing propane fuel and equipment for residential and commercial needs.

Central Coast Propane

6260 Monterey Road

Paso Robles, CA 93446

(805) 237-1001

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