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New faces join community services districts in North County 

All incumbents for Heritage Ranch, San Miguel and Templeton CSDs get re-elected

Tuesday’s general election added new faces, along with some old ones, to community services districts in the North County. All incumbents in those races will continue to serve their communities in on their boards.


Candidates for the TCSD.

Retired auditor Wayne Petersen and retired bank executive Gwen Pelfrey were the top two vote-getters for the Templeton Community Services District director seats. Their challengers were dentist Navid Fardanesh and real estate broker Rob Rosales. Out of 3,928 registered Templeton voters, 1,621 — 41.3 percent — voted on Tuesday.

“I will listen, share ideas and opinions, study the issue”s and always be prepared,” Petersen said prior to the election. “Be professional, and demonstrate by example a strong work ethic.”

“I believe the future will require Templeton to have greater involvement with the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors, the planning commission and county staff as Templeton balances the needs of the community and utilizes the resources available to our community. I would like to be part of this process and help guide TCSD’s future,” Pelfrey said before the election. “I want to give back to my community and to preserve the nature and meaning of historic Templeton.”

Templeton Community Services District election results

  • Wayne Petersen, 29.92 percent – Elected
  • Gwen R. Pelfrey, 27.12 percent – Elected
  • Rob Rosales, 23.98 percent
  • Navid Fardanesh, 18.55 percent

Heritage Ranch Community Services District election results

For Heritage Ranch Community Services District, incumbent Bill G. Barker Jr. was challeged by Reginal “Reg” Cousineau, a real estate agent; C. Martin Rowley, a system analyst; and Francisca C. Ruiz-Wilde, a secretary. The top three vote-getters will join the board. Cousineau narrowly got a seat over next highest vote-getter Ruiz-Wilde. Only four votes separate the two. While 100 percent of the precincts are reporting, the results are unofficial and it is possible that Ruiz-Wilde could win the seat over Cousineau. There are 1,375 registered Heritage Ranch voters; 589 — 42.8 percent — went out to the polls.

  • Bill G. Barker Jr., 30.38 percent – Elected
  • C. Martin Rowley, 27.17 percent – Elected
  • Reginald Cousineau, 20.64 percent – Elected
  • Francisca Ruiz-Wilde, 20.29 percent

San Miguel Community Services District election results

San Miguel had five people vying for two seats on the community services district’s board of directors: incumbent Gib Buckman and challegers businessman Travis Dawes, sales associate Clayton Harper,cellar techinican Kevin Paup and retired business owner Larry R. Reuck. Out of 852 registered San Miguel voters, 235 — 27.6 percent — cast votes. County-wide, 42.08 percent of registered voters went to the polls on Tuesday. Earlier this year, Reuck has his business shut down by the district’s fire department.

  • Gib Buckman 31.3 percent – Elected
  • Larry R. Reuck 27.15 percent – Elected
  • Travis Dawes 22.71 percent
  • Kevin Paup 11.91 percent
  • Clayton Harper 5.54 percent