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Pismo Beach dentist Dr. Perry Patel releases report on how to prevent tooth decay 

–This week, premiere Pismo Beach dentist Dr. Perry Patel released a report on how to prevent tooth decay. To view the report, visit his blog or read below.Dentist-avila-beach

Dental decay can lead to serious problems, such as infection, bone and nerve damage, tooth loss, and in some serious cases, infection can spread to other parts of the body. Here, Pismo Beach dentist Dr. Perry Patel, D.D.S., shares tips on how to prevent tooth decay:

How do cavities form?

There is a constant battle going on inside the mouth every day, between plaque and sugars and natural saliva. Things that dry out the mouth, such as smoking or drinking alcohol, are particularly harmful for teeth.

When a tooth is exposed to acid, such as in foods and drinks, the enamel can break down and tooth decay will begin to form. The good news though is that tooth decay, if caught early, can be reversed. Enamel can repair itself with salvia, aided by toothpastes and dental cleaning.

What is the difference between tooth decay and cavities?

The same thing causes cavities, tooth decay, and caries. They are simply different stages of decay. Tooth decay is the layman’s term for caries. Caries are infectious diseases that result in permanent damage to the tooth. As tooth decay or caries form and deepen into the tooth, they form a mushroom shaped cavity in the tooth, hence the name cavity.

What is the best way to prevent tooth decay?

Avoiding certain foods, especially sugars and starches, is a great way to prevent tooth decay. Fruit juices and sodas are some of the worst offenders.

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