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Paso Robles Press newspaper circulation falls 

Paso Robles Press circulation

How many subscribers does the Paso Robles Press have?
Local paid newspaper distribution falls to 1,080 printed copies

The Paso Robles Press recently reported its paid circulation is a stark decrease from two years ago. Distribution and subscriptions are falling, reports show.

circulation of Paso Robles Press

The Paso Robles Press newspaper office.

In a Statement of Ownership and Management and Circulation, the Paso Robles Press reports total printed copies at 2,256 average per issue over the last 12 months. Of that, 1,080 are classified as paid distribution. Paid distribution includes subscribers, rack and dealer sales. That compares to the same report filed two years ago in October of 2011 that showed 2,700 total copies and 1,853 paid distribution.  That’s a 40-percent decline in paid circulation.

Paso Robles Press paid newspaper distribution reports

  • 2011     1,853 copies
  • 2012     1,166 copies
  • 2013     1,080 copies


paso press distribution

Paso Robles Press Statement of Ownership and Management and Circulation, Oct. 2013.

The Paso Robles Press is owned by News Media Corp. of Rochelle, Il. The company owns more than 75 community newspapers and publications around the country including the Atascadero News, four weeklies in South Monterey County and the Watsonville Register-Pajaronian.

The Paso Robles Press newspaper has been a daily, a weekly, and is presently a twice-weekly news source for North County San Luis Obispo. It covers general news, politics, city hall, police crime, entertainment, obituaries and more.

The Statement of Ownership and Management and Circulation is a document required to be filed by the US Postal Service to receive special postage discounts for mailing newspapers. The Paso Robles Press printed the report in its Oct. 8, 2013 edition. The newspaper distribution report only includes printed editions and does not reflect online subscribers or online page views.

Falling subscriptions reflect a change in consumer behavior

The newspaper industry as a whole has seen rapidly declining circulation and ad revenues. The public is looking online now more than ever. A recent study shows that 90-percent of daily media interactions are screen-based, leaving 10-percent to newspapers, radio and magazines.

subscribers of paso robles press newspaper





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About the author: News Staff

News staff of the Paso Robles Daily News wrote and edited this story from local contributors and press releases. Scott Brennan is the publisher of this newspaper and founder of Access Publishing. Connect with him on , Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or follow his blog. He can be reached at

5 Responses to Paso Robles Press newspaper circulation falls

  1. Jon Chown

    News Media Corp. fails to serve its communities with its publications. For instance, recently at its Watsonville paper, upon discovering that an employee had been arrested and charged with child molestation, they decided to withhold the story from the public to save themselves the embarrassment. Screw the community — why would it want to know a possible child molester is living in town. Outrageous behavior by a company that doesn’t understand journalism, but owns newspapers all over the country. Perhaps the death of print journalism has something to do with the product being printed.

  2. Brad Koyak

    As usual blogger Scott Brennan leaves out the full truth; it was under his own leadership and after him that of Jason Cross that led the Paso Press into a 40% decrease. It is poor leadership that turned Mr. Brennan from a Publisher to a blogger.

    Our Advertisers will be happy to know our paid circulation has seen drastic increase under new Editor Brian Williams and Publisher Jeremy Burke. The last 6 months have seen significant improvements in numbers across the board proving adequate leadership and staffing improvements were all we needed.

    Unfortunately this article reads more lack an ad for Mr. Brennan’s own services than anything actually resembling news. I would also like to point out just how informing blogs can be; Jon Chow is a former employee of News Media Corp and the Register-Pajaronian however you will notice he fails to mention that in his comment.

    Brad Koyak
    Advertising Director
    Paso Robles Press

  3. Editor

    Hi Brad,

    I’m sorry you feel that way. I proudly served as the publisher of the Paso Robles Press for about a year in 2002. Paid circulation was over 4,000 at the time.

    If you have a question about the facts, just take a look at the Statements of Ownership and Circulation published every October in the Paso Robles Press. I added a clip above.

    I had a good experience with my 10-year career at News Media Corp. and I am thankful for it. I couldn’t be happier that I started my own print and web publishing business in 2006.

    I don’t think anyone should be blamed for the fall in circulation. It’s the nature of the newsprint business. I’m sure you’ve seen the Audit Bureau of Circulation reports for all newspapers around the country.

    I’m glad to hear things are going well and I think Brian is doing fine work.

    Scott Brennan
    Access Publishing

  4. Cassie Verley

    As a former employee of News Media Corp, specifically the Paso Robles Press, I have personally witnessed the current publisher, Jeremy Burke, tell his employees and community members that circulation has increased since Jason Cross left. Well, Jason Cross left in June of 2012. The numbers listed are from 2011, 2012 and 2013, and the numbers continued to decrease even after Jason left. Do we believe what comes out of Jeremy’s mouth or what the legal notice clearly states? Thank you, Scott, for giving us the facts!

    Cassie Verley

  5. Super Dave

    What’s really sad is I am in the middle of this. As an advertising buyer, I must decide where to put my client’s dollars. When Ms. Verley was let go, nobody told my office. Why leave it to me to stumble across?
    I would give this another two weeks to play out. Then we will make some tough choices. Both sides need to clean their respective houses. Be honest, or say goodbye to even more dollars.

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