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Proposed ‘NEM 3.0’ would significantly darken future of solar energy on Central Coast 

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Solar-killing proposal could limit Central Coast’s access to alternative energy solutions, high-paying jobs

The California Public Utilities Commission is set to vote on Jan. 27, 2022, on whether to change the rules for at-home solar systems. If the framework is approved as is, the state’s more than 1.3 million residential solar customers will be forced to pay higher fees for access to the public grid as their current agreement’s sunset.

This solar-killing proposal will also limit the Central Coast’s access to alternative energy solutions and high-paying jobs in the solar industry. Called Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0, the new program would decrease the credit generated to solar owners and include additional monthly fees on solar owners’ electric bills.

“If NEM 3.0 is approved, California will go from being one of the most pro-solar states to one of the lowest with some of the highest fees for solar in the country,” A.M. Sun Solar’s Mark Miller said. “And we’re supposed to be the greenest state with building codes that require solar on all new homes.”

Currently, solar owners are credited for the excess energy produced by their home systems that goes back to PG&E. That excess energy credit is offset against their electricity bills for energy used at night.

“Right now, you put one unit of energy in and you get one back,” Miller said. “With these new rules, homeowners will only get 20 percent of that credit.”

The silver lining of this situation is that people who apply for solar before the change are grandfathered in and will avoid having to pay any extra fees for 20 years. Based on the current framework, NEM 3.0 would go into effect on May 27, 2022. That means people who are interested in installing home solar systems under current rates have a limited amount of time to do it.

“Our mission at A.M. Sun Solar is to grow the community with the power of the sun. That’s a two-fold thing: We want to help people live on the Central Coast with more affordable energy and we want to create good jobs,” Miller said. “If solar does not benefit people as much because of the new fees, then there will be fewer local jobs. We’re trying to be here for people and provide jobs so the money stays local.”

People interested in getting solar before NEM 3.0 goes into effect can call A.M. Sun Solar at (805) 457-4002 or visit to request a free quote.

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A.M. Sun Solar is the local leader in custom solar solutions and installations on the Central Coast. For over 20 years, A.M. Sun Solar has provided high-quality, cost-efficient solar energy to residences and small businesses in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara counties. With a wide variety of financing solutions available, affordable pricing, custom solutions, and complete installations from permit to interconnection, A.M. Sun Solar is the go-to local solar company on the Central Coast.

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