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Protesters call for president to be impeached 

post office protestors

Protesters carry ‘Impeach Obama’ signs at post office

Protesters in front of the US Post Office in Paso Robles called for the impeachment of President Barrack Obama today. The picketers greeted visitors and passed out literature from the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Lyndon LaRouche and his supporters say the 9-11 terrorists attacks were caused by Saudi Prince Bandar and that President Obama is his “puppet.” LaRouche is a controversial political activist who has written on economic, scientific, and political topics, as well as on history, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. He has run for the Democratic Party presidential nomination seven times between 1976-2004.

The protestors declined to be interviewed on the record, but said their appearance was unrelated to the US government shutdown that began early this morning when congress failed to reach a spending agreement.

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