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Q & A with Enrique Torres from Diablo Paso 

Enrique Torres from Diablo Paso

Enrique Torres from Diablo Paso.

Q & A with Enrique Torres from Diablo Paso

By Matt Browne 

I’ve had the opportunity to taste the wines from Diablo Paso on a couple of occasions, one of which was in the tasting room downtown with Enrique pouring. He’s an interesting guy with an obvious love for what he does. If you’re anything like me, you clearly love wine but the one thing that always stands out is a good story behind the wine. Enrique and Diablo Paso certainly have that. Let’s get to know him better below and be sure to visit his tasting room in downtown Paso Robles.


If you weren’t in the wine industry, what would you be doing? Fisherman or a Cigar maker I love both!

What interests/ hobbies do you have outside of the wine world? Cigars, Fishing and of course my family and friends.

What is your favorite wine region not including Paso Robles? La Rioja, Spain.

What’s your current favorite wine/ variety/ winery to drink? Rioja traditional blends from Muga, Torres or Marquez de Murrieta.

What is your favorite aspect of the wine business? I always meet new people.

How about least favorite? Bottling.

How long have you been in the industry? This upcoming harvest will be my 19th harvest.

What different parts of the wine industry have you worked in? Everything from grapes to cellar rat, lab, filtration and bottling, anything to do with winemaking.

Where are you from originally? Zihuatanejo Mexico.

How long have you been in the Paso Robles area? Since 2001.

How many vintages have you worked? Almost 19.

What was your first job in the industry? Cellar Rat.

What is your first wine memory? A horrible hangover!

Favorite part about Paso? The downtown feeling when you walk around downtown Paso.

Least favorite part about Paso? No comments!

Where do you see the industry in the Paso Robles region going? Do you see any interesting new trends or directions? I think Paso Robles, is changing for sure there is so much more coming with new hotels, Restaurants, Distillery’s and Breweries etc. I think it is good for everyone!

When you’re not drinking wine, what’s in your glass? I respect my wine glass very much, I usually stay with wine in it.

What are some of your favorite food and wine pairings? Hot or Cold Tapas and Seafood.

Why do you think Paso Robles has become such a big wine destination? Friendly laidback tasting experiences plus great wine at great value!

How many acres of vines do you have? None we source our fruit.

How many cases are you producing each year? 1200.

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